NCA signatories meet with DPN of UNFC in Chiang Mai

EMG reporter

Leaders of eight Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) signatories met representatives of the Delegation of Peace Negotiation (DPN) of the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) in Chiang Mai on Sunday.

The UNFC was formed with ethnic armed groups that have not signed on to the NCA. The NCA has been signed by eight ethic armed groups so far.

“We are now updating the UNFC status,” said Phado Saw Kywe Htoo Win, the secretary-general of Karen National Union (KNU), which signed an NCA with the government. “We discussed the current situation of the UNFC. Information arising from meetings of the work committee of national-level political dialogue is being shared.

“Three to four of our coordination team came to the meeting. We want to know the latest situation.”

The ethnic armed groups that have signed the NCA held national-level nationality dialogues and reviewed the outcomes resulting from the nationality dialogues.

The members of the UNFC formed with NCA non-signatories attended the ethnic third summit held in Phankham (Pangsang) in far-eastern Shan State from February 22 to 24. Each of them submitted papers to the summit.

The representatives of DPN of the UNFC met with the government peace commission on March 3. The  commission agreed in principle on a nine-point proposal submitted by the UNFC.

“All peace negotiators have the responsibility to create a safe and sound environment for the general public,” said the leader of the DPN Khu Oo Ral. “We need to be magnanimous and to be tolerant in seeking ways to ensure eternal peace. We need mutual trust.

“I hope we’ll achieve a good result in the near future if we discuss all matters in a transparent manner.”

The proposal and general issues raised by the UNFC were discussed by the members of the Peace Commission and the DPN.

“We have discussed matters at least six times and I am pleased to see the observers from international organisations that monitored a press conference organised by the delegates from DPN yesterday,” said Dr Tin Myo Win, chairman of the peace commission.