2015 elections to be held in November, says UEC

The Union Election Commission released a special message to local media through the Interim Press Council on 31 December saying the 2015 general elections will be held in early November.

The statement said a complete list of voters is currently being compiled by the commission in order to ensure the success of the elections. It also said every citizen has the rights to vote urges the public to check the list when it is released.

The commission also released instructions for people whose names are omitted from the list and those who have moved to new locations.

The commission usually discusses the approximate timetable of the elections only orally. This is one of few official statements released by the commission.

“All parties must work together to hold a free, fair, transparent and all-inclusive election in 2015,” said opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi to media representatives at her office in Yangon on Tuesday.

Tin Aye, chairman of the Union Election Commission, recently said the 2015 general election would take place at the end of October or at the beginning of November and that the election date would be announced before August.