TNLA’s court sentences Shan woman to three-year imprisonment

Min Naing Soe
The court of Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) sentenced Shan woman Nang Moe Hom who has been taken from her home over one month ago to a three-year imprisonment on October 5th, says Major Tar Aike Kyaw from TNLA’s Information Committee.
Major Tar Aik Kyaw said that the TNLA had sentenced Nang Moe Hom to a minimum imprisonment. The maximum punishment was reportedly up to 10-year in prison.
Nang Mo Hom from Honaung Ward, Namkham Township, Muse District, northern Shan State was taken from her house on the morning of August 17th at gunpoint by TNLA soldiers. She was arrested under allegations that she had obstructed TNLA troops that were collecting customs duties according to the statement made by TNLA on September 3rd. 
TNLA also said that her actions had resulted in the death of one of the officers in July last year. 
Although TNLA is one of the recognized ethnic armed organizations, they are still an illegal armed group. There is no clear, exact information on the location of their [TNLA] headquarter and prison.
The family members of Nang Moe Hom peacefully staged a protest against the TNLA’s abduction of Nang Moe Hom in Namkham Township on September 7th and mostly locals took to the streets in Namkham Township to protest on September 17th for the immediate release of Nang Moe Hom.
Likewise, the National Reconciliation and Peace Center (NRPC) led by State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi released a statement on September 10th calling for her release.
The NRPC also reported that the detention of an innocent woman without any reason was a lawless act. It also caused damage towards the national reconciliation and peace process being carried out by the government.
Federal Political Negotiation and Consultative Committee-FPNCC which was formed with northern seven ethnic armed groups invited those that had called for the release of Nan Moe Hom aiming to discuss about abduction of Nang Moe Hom at the headquarters of United Wa State Army in Pansang. They will be going to Pansang, says Sai Thein Shwe on October 5th who participated in calling for release of Nan Moe Hom.
The Daily Eleven had tried to contact Sai Thein Shwe on October 8th on whether other parties supporting the release of Nang Moe Hom will go to Pansang or not. But, there was no response.
Nang Moe Kham, the elder sister of Nang Moe Hom, said in the afternoon of October 8th that she was not aware of the imprisonment.