Some locals in Daik-U Township oppose regional MP, NLD executive over their activities

EMG reporter

Some local people including members of Daik-U Township National League for Democracy (NLD) in Bago Region staged a protest against the activities of a member of the region parliament and a township NLD executive.

The protestors said that Region MP Than Htike Aung for Daik-U Township Constituency No (1) paid no heed to the concerns of the majority in implementing the township development and beautifying tasks by taking suggestions from “disturbing people” he hangs out with and that he abused his authority in some cases. The protestors said township NLD executive Kyaw Soe Oo was also disturbing township development  work by relying on the power of MP Than Htike Aung.

"Among the protestors are NLD members and local people. There are about 50. MP Than Htike Aung and NLD executive Kyaw Soe Oo do not pay attention of public voices. They only pay heed of the minority of locals who are disturbing our regional development efforts. This is why we staged a protest to demand that they’d be dismissed from their positions.”

On October 6, one day before the protest, MP Than Htike Aung posted a remark on his Facebook account expressing his sorrow over the planned protest.

"In cooperation with some local people, I daringly mended some blunders and weak points in my constituency. Having misunderstanding of me, some local people are planning to stage a protest at the instigation of those who want to attack me. I feel very sorry for that," said his Facebook post.