NLD is going on with uncertainty without harmony: NUP

EMG reporter
The ruling National League for Democracy (NLD) is going on with uncertainties without harmony though it was thought to have made preparations, said Vice-Chairman Han Shwe of National Unity Party.
The remarks came from the ceremony to commemorate 30th Anniversary of Founding Day of the National Unity Party in Yangon on September 24.
“The NLD existed in the time of the military government and Thein Sein’s administration. We think the NLD should have made preparations since it took office. But now is the different matter. Uncertainties have been found in the NLD without harmony,” said Vice-Chairman Han Shwe.
“A basic foundation of a country is economy. If economic structure is fragile, political and social ones of upper structure will collapse,” said Vice-Chairman Han Shwe.
With the depreciation of kyat currency, the prices of basic commodities, pharmaceuticals and personal goods, and fuel are gradually rising. The increasing prices of basic commodities cause the people to suffer adverse conditions. The kyat currency depreciation has brought about disadvantages, leading to economic downtrend, according to the discussions of the CEC members.
Export-based economy must be established in a practical manner. Trade deficit must be reduced. Savings in US dollar must be brought. Only the materials really necessary for the people should be imported according to the prioritized plan. Imported goods should be reduced and instead, locally-made ones should be used. More encouragement should be given to small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs). Friendly environments for politics and economy must be created to attract foreign investors. We should try to participate in the international businesses and commerce. Plans should be made to stabilize State-level economic enterprises, said the CEC members of the NUP.
The State economy is now in decline. It is required to place emphasis on the development of politics, peace, and socio-economic life the people, according to the discussions of the CEC members of the NUP.
When we review the Second and Third Meetings of the Union Peace Conference also known as the 21st Century Panglong Conference, the current government could have held more political discussions, but mutual trust is weak among dialogue partners. The principles of Union accord are still weak. Especially, difficulties are found in security and political sectors, according to the discussions of the CEC members.
The commemorative ceremony was attended by party leaders, diplomats, party members, the leaders of allied parties and their members.  
Translated and Edited by Win Htut