Over 3,300 plots remain idle in Nyaunghnabin Agriculture and Livestock Breeding Zone

EMG reporter

A member of Yangon Region Parliament has pointed out that there are over 3,300 land plots in Nyaunghnabin Agriculture and Livestock Breeding Zone that have been allotted since many years ago but are still inoperative.

MP Hla Htay from Mingalar Taungnyunt Constituency No (1) made the remark during a session of Yangon Region Parliament held on September 20.

"Some plots have not yet started agricultural or livestock undertakings since their allotments.  There are 3,342 acres of idle land. We heard some plots are also in legal dispute for ownership," said the lawmaker.

The region government allotted plots to Nyaunghnabin Agriculture and Livestock Breeding Zone. According the zone committee's data, there are 3,557 acres in Zone (1), 4,700 acres in Zone (2) and 3,340 acres in Zone (3). Among them, 7,117 acres are for agricultural activities and 1,135 acres for livestock breeding.

Replying to the MP's question, Han Tun, region minister for agriculture, livestock, forestry and energy, said: "Currently, only few businesses are running. Some businesspeople were found to have weaknesses in implementing their tasks. We are conducting an on-ground survey. A new zone supervisory committee has been formed zone development work. Plans are also underway to establish a new zone management committee. For now, we have no plan to confiscate those lands. The government is working to take step-by-step measures for the zone’s infrastructural development."

The Nyaunghnabin Agriculture and Livestock Breeding Zone project was started in Hmawby Township during 1999-2000 fiscal year. The zone was then extended to Hlegu Township. There are three zones. The total zone area covers 12,453 acres— 1,826 acres in Hmawby Township and 10,628 acres in Hlegu Township. The then State Peace and Development Council government allotted land plots. One plot has an area of five acres.