RCSS urges TNLA to respect Nam Kham locals’ desire for release of civilian

Reported by EMG

Nam Kham locals made a peaceful procession for the immediate release of Nang Mo Hom on September 17 in Nam Kham which prompted RCSS to make a statement in which it urged the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) to pay special attention to the desire of Nam Kham residents.

On September 17, family of Nang Mo Hom and locals made a peaceful procession for the immediate release of Nang Mo Hom. RCSS/SSA which signed in the NCA has stated that they strongly support the locals' desire.

It also stated that Nang Mo Hom is a civilian and is the mother of two children that earns a hard livelihood by trading things. She is innocent and the arrest made by TNLA without any cause and charged her with a suppose crime saddened locals of Shan State, her family members and RCSS/SSA.

As TNLA members have families of their own, it needs to sympathize and by humanitarian points of view, pay special attention on wishes of Nam Kham locals. The Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD), helping for the release of Nang Mo Hom also sent a letter to National Reconciliation and Peace Center (NRPC) and also sent letters to President and Commander-in-Chief of Defense Services for the immediate release of her.

Nang Mo Hom from Honaung ward in Namt Kham Township, Muse district in northern Shan State was taken from her house on the morning of August 17 at gunpoint by the TNLA. Nang Mo Hom, owner of a Naung Maung shop in Namt Kham in Palaung self administrative region in northern Shan State was arrested as she allegedly broke the law according to the statement made by TNLA on September 3.

On September 3, the TNLA released a statement claiming that Nang Mo Hom was responsible for the death of an on-duty Ta’ang soldier who was serving as a tax collector. Her family has denied any connection in the soldier’s death, but the TNLA’s own court is charging her under Article 333 of its own criminal code. The armed group’s rule states that those found guilty will be fined and must serve up to 10 years in prison.

TNLA also stated that central court of TNLA will accept the case and on the day they decide upon her ruling, it will be done in front of her family and public.