JMC-U chairman calls for NCA signatories to avoid confrontation

EMG reporter

Union Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC-U) chairman Lieutenant General Yar Pyae has urged the ethnic armed groups that have signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) to avoid military buildup and territorial expansion in order to prevent confrontation as both sides build trust.

The JMC-U chairman made the remark in his opening speech at the 18th meeting of the committee held in the National Reconciliation and Peace Centre in Yangon on September 12.

"Conflict usually occurs flowing military buildup or territorial expansion. The military is working towards eternal peace and democracy. Military buildup and territorial expansion pose hindrances to this effort. It also cast doubts. As we are building trust, any confrontation must be avoided," said Lt-Gen Yar Pyae.

He also pointed out the possibility of delays in JMC work and worsening conflict if a participating organisation lacks cooperation.

The NCA includes provisions on agreements to be followed for troops from both sides and protection of civilians.

"We will be able to make our ceasefire more durable only if every armed group knows and follows the agreements included in the NCA," said the lieutenant general.

He then stressed the need to avoid direct or indirect aggression and insult that are exactly mentioned Paragraph (5)(b) of NCA Chapter (3).

The 18th meeting of JMC-U started on September and will end on September 14.