Myanma Alinn Daily apologizes White Tiger Party for using its emblem wrong

Maung Htoo

Myanmar Alinn Daily newspaper made an apology to Shan Nationalities Democratic Party (SNDP – White Tiger Party) for using its party emblem wrong, according to the September 10th edition of the newspaper.

The newspaper issued on September 6 used an emblem of another, different party as the emblem of the SNDP and made the correction by re-stated that the real emblem of the SNDP on September 7 issue as the wrong use of the emblem may affect the image of the SNDP and the party campaign. The newspaper willingly made an apology to the party, it said.

The apology was also posted online at the MOI Facebook page owned by the Ministry of Information.

“We are satisfied that they made an apology for their mistake. However, we want the respective chief editor and editors to supervise carefully form now on to avoid that kind of mistake in the future as it can be a worry for other parties too,” said Sai Bo Aung, General Secretary of the SNDP on September 9.

The newspaper wrongfully stated the emblem of Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD) in place of the emblem of the SNDP.

The SNDP sent a complaint letter to the chief editor of Myanma Alinn Daily on September 6.

The letter said that it was a move that could hurt their dignity, party image and their campaign and they reported about it to the Union Election Commission (UEC) to take action effectively.

“We made a report to them and it is their responsibility to take action. They informed us how they took action. They informed director general of News and Periodicals Enterprise to correct it and prevent that kind of mistake in the future,” said Sai Bo Aung.

The Myanma Alinn issued on September 7 announced the correction of the emblem of the SNDP but the SNDP replied that they only want an apology from the newspaper.