NCA signatories summit to be held in Chiang Mai

Reported by EMG

The third Summit of Ethnic armed forces signatories to the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) will be held in Chiang Mai in Thailand on September 8 to 11 according to NCA-SEAO statement made on September 4.

At the summit, submitting of reports on informal meeting of Process Steering Team (PPST), NCA-SUPDJC, NCA-SJMC, review on Union Peace Summit-21 Century Panglong 3rd Summit and discussing of future plans for NCA-SEAO will be included.

Besides reviewing the framework for political dialogue, drawing of strategic peace progress plan, NCA-SEAO office matters and of ethnic armed forces that are yet to be signatories in the NCA will be discussed.

“We believe that the only answer for the overcoming the Myanmar’s political struggles is holding political dialogues. In order to do so, we must hold political meetings as quickly as possible among the political leaders who are able to decide political agreements for the future of our country. The second thing is that we must find ways and means to stop all conflicts and try all possible ways to implement them. The third thing is for the building of democratic federal union.  We must find solutions together for the rights for minority, self administration and distribution of power among us. The most important thing is those connecting with military, government, political parties and EAO must find agreement suitable for the future of our country and for the sake of public,” said chairman of ABSDF Than Khe who is also a member of PPST.

The meetings of NCA-SEAO and PPST and NCA-SEAO-UPDJC will be held in Chiang Mai Mai, Thailand, on September 6 and 7 in advance of NCA-SEAO summit.

Altogether 150 delegates from NCA signatories will be attending the third Summit of Ethnic armed forces signatories to the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement.