SNLD requests State Counsellor to help in releasing of innocent woman

Maung Htoo
NAYPYITAW- Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD) sent a letter to the State Counsellor on August 27th calling for help out releasing an innocent woman being captured by Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA).
The SNLD heard that via social media that five men in muftis armed with guns from TNLA had captured Nan Moe Hwang living in Honaung Ward, Namptkham Township, Northern Shan State, in the morning of August 17th.
The letter also said that Nan Moe Hwang opened the construction materials shop together with her husband. Moreover, she had three babies.
Shan Herald Agency for News (SHAN) reported that the TNLA levied a tax Ks 1.1 million from an arrested woman last rainy season. Later, the military column fired shot TNLA leaving one death and one was arrested. That’s why TNLA warned a family of arrested woman about the incident.
However, TNLA said that Nan Moe Hwang broke their laws. So, she was arrested.
Although the TNLA was regarded as an insurgent group by the Shan Parliament, they had a chance to attend the Union Peace Conference -21st Century Panglong Conference and also to meet with the State Counsellor and the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services. Communications can be established with them[TNLA] through the National Reconciliation and Peace Center, according to the letter.
The letter also reported that the SNLD urged the incumbent government led by National League for Democracy which also deeply carried out the national reconciliation, peace process and rule of law should bear responsibility for security and freedom of a citizen.
Moreover, Shan State Progressive Party/Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) discussed the release of Nan Moe Hwang with the TNLA on August 24th. At the call, TNLA pledged that they would release the Nan Moe Hwang and there would be a meeting again with the TNLA, says SSPP’s Spokesperson Major Than Aung.
The TNLA and SSPP/SSA are northern Alliance ethnic armed groups. So, the family members and relatives of arrested woman asked the SSPP/SSA to help them.