Lawkhila to host peace implementation process of NCA

Reported by EMG

A workshop on reflecting upon the peace implementation process of Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA), which will gather opinion and view of Kayin national from various strata of life, will be held today at Lawkhila,where Karen National Union (KNU) headquarter is located.

Karen National Dialogue Convening Committee (KNDCC) organized today’s workshop which comprises of three Karen ethnic armed forces, Karen political parties, Karen MPs and Karen representatives from social organizations. The workshop will be held for three days according to ‎Padoh Saw Ta Doh Moo, General Secretary of the KNU.

“In our approach to the peace process, we have formed the KNDCC. It represents the opinion and views of Karen national from all walks of lives such as our members; three Karen ethnic armed forces, CSO formed locally, Karen national parties and Karen elected MPs. They collectively express the desire of Karen people. Therefore, the KNDCC, which represent all these organizations had organized the event,” said ‎Padoh Saw Ta Doh Moo, general secretary of KNU.

After holding the Union Peace Process-21st Panglong Summit, depending on the current political situations and outcomes and challenges which can be faced in every steps of implementing peace process, the second meeting of central standing committee of KNU has agreed to call upon a workshop to collect the outlooks and opinion of KNU and Karen nationals which will reflect the implementing of peace process in order to reach  suitable peace process.

Those attending today’s workshop will be discussing over matters on how to carry out the current peace process and going forward with it.

“Whatever process we choose, we will be collecting what people desire. Based on the people’s desire, we’ll go forward. We’ll submit it to the public. And then, we’ll ask for approval from the public. As we are an EAO, we will submit it to the ten groups which had signed in the NCA. Later, we’ll ‎ discuss these cases or coordination among the ten signatories because we have processes to implement,” continued Padoh Saw Ta Doh Moo.

The second meeting of central standing committee of KNU has also agreed to contact with other ethnic armed forces which aren’t yet signed in the NCA due to various circumstances, and work together for getting genuine internal peace.