Gov’t must stick to the people-centered policy: President

Kaung Khant Lin (Monywa)
President Win Myint meets civil servants and MPs at Monywa City Hall in Monywa in Sagaing Region on August 18.


In democratic practice, the government must stick to the people-centered policy. There should not be the administrative mechanism that oppresses the people, President Win Myint said in a meeting with civil servants and MPs at Monywa City Hall in Monywa District in Sagaing Region on August 18.

Rule of law, democracy and human rights are intertwined. Lack of rule of law may lead to the violations of laws and human rights. There should be the administrative body that can help support the rule of law.

“Our government has set a policy that dictatorship never emerges again. Threat and oppression would amount to destroying the policy set by ourselves,” he added.

Democratic reform and transformation is the one aspired by all citizens. In doing so, all officials are duty-bound to fulfill the people’s desires. Some government servants have hesitation, delay and worries about reforms. Reform is not a matter of worry, he continued.

“Some people may think reform is a threat to them. As a matter of fact, reform is not a threat. This is the right time for the country’s development and democracy and human rights of our citizens. I want all government servants to understand the fact that this reform is a must for our country. Our government has set policies for the future Union,” he said.

There will be no development in the country if all civil servants are not on the reform path. As a result, there will be no higher living standards, development of education and health of all citizens.

Heads have a common goal of building the democratic federal Union. The future is clear. The government is making efforts for political, economic and social equality in the administrative sector. Likewise, the government is working to equality of opportunity, ranks and laws, he continued.

Some government ministries ask for additional budgets for regional development tasks and projects without the completio of projects. There should be negotiation between administrative bodies and MPs over regional development tasks. Lack of negotiation would cause losses of public funds, he added.