SNLD party chairman says he’s retired for a month

Chairman of SNLD Khun Htun Oo said that he has been retired from his position last month and must open for new generation.
He said these words after 1990 elected MPS and partners political parties summit. He said that he is suffering back pain and he is planning to go to Thailand to treat his back pain. Concerning his retirement, central executives of SNLD will decide the matter. If he is recovery from his back pain, he may or may not join the party again work for the party.
“There is no one selected for the SNLD chairman and central executives’ members desire him to continue working there. But, I already told them to look for new leader. We have to open places for new generation,” said Khun Htun Oo.
He added that he involve in the party politics as he desires to unite the political parties and doing politics is not to gain power or influence.