CSSU urges two Shan EAOs to seek solution to ongoing clashes

Min Naing Soe
The Committee for Shan State Unity (CSSU) urged the leaders of the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) and the Shan State Progressive Party (SSPP) to negotiate for seeking solution to ongoing clashes occurred between these two Shan EAOs, said Sai Aik Paung, alternate chairman of the CSSU.
Clashes broke out between the RCSS and the SSPP in Maingmu village tract in Namtu Township, northern Shan State on July 16. These clashes displaced about 1000 villagers from nine villages in Maingmu village tract and the displaced persons are taking shelters in near monasteries abandoning their farming work. 
“The leaders of both Shan EAOs are quested to keep away from clashes. If the two leaders are unable to meet, a committee should be formed to handle armed conflicts so as to stay away from the clashes,” Sai Aik Paung.
The request letter has been sent to both Shan EAOs. Nine Shan groups from abroad also sent a letter to us saying it requests us to negotiate, said Sai Aik Paung.
We don’t want any clash with any EAO. It is now the farmers do the farming. Clashes can hinder the farming. If farming work is unable, the residents will be in trouble in the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, said Sai Aik Paung.
“Mongsung monastery is being used as the temporary shelter. The displaced persons are all ages. Whoever is hurt, all are only Shan ethnics. Only when the regions see peace and stability and farming work can be done, the residents will be all right with their basic needs,” said Sai Aik Paung.
The Shan EAOs should meet and discuss. If the leaders are unable, the second ones ought to. They need to negotiate. Whoever is harm, all are brothers, said Sai Aik Paung. 
Translated and Edited by Win Htut