Paying heed to the voices and political role of Rakhine is crucial: ANP vice-chairperson


As the Bengali issue is very complicated, attitudes of the government, parliament and Tatmadaw towards it should be synonymous, Aye Nu Sein, vice-chairperson of the Arakan National Party, said at the opening ceremony of the 3rd session of Union Peace Conference (21st Century Panglong Conference) which kicked off in Nay Pyi Taw on July 11.

In tackling the Bengali issue, the protection of the fundamental rights of Rakhine and other Rakhine ethnics is so crucial. It is very important for the authority to heed the voices of Rakhine ethnics and not to turn a blind eye to the political role of Rakhine, she said.

In addition, Bengalis who are entitled to citizenship should be allowed to travel nationwide. All citizens in the country shall have the equal rights according to the law. Especially, we don't need to pander to their demands  due to mounting pressure from international organizations, she added.

At the beginning, Bengalis tried to create a new ethnic name under the pretext of human rights. But their attempts have turned terrorism. They tried to transform the local issue into the international one. Some western countries, some UN agencies and OIC member countries are doing the acts that may destabilize the country’s sovereignty, putting pressure on Myanmar. In addition, they are trying to create an international issue through genocide accusations. As a matter of fact, the Bengali issue is the evil legacy of the British Colonial.  People have to suffer the evil consequences of it as illegal immigration and citizenship problem cannot be solved decisively, she continued.