Lisu party leader urges KIO to find political solutions through political channels

Min Naing Soe

Lisu National Development Party chairman Shwe Min (aka) Hsipha Larlu has urged Kachin Independence Organisation/Kachin Independence Army (KIO/KIA) to solve political problems in a political way as a gesture of showing compassion for people who have experienced over 60 years of war.

He commented that armed threat to local ethnics could be reduced if the KIO chose political solution by signing the nationwide ceasefire agreement.

"This is what we need most. Whenever fighting happens, that causes danger to the people. They will continue to suffer losses because during fighting there will always be extortion, forced recruitments and mine planting. There has been over 50 or 60 years of war. If a war lasts four years without any sign of result, it becomes a game of self-interest. We must have sympathy for our people. So I want to urge them to solve the problem through political solution, said Shwe Min.

Lisu National Development Party has issued a statement saying it is regrettable that KIA was found to have threatened and controlled the local people with arms without seeking a political solution first.

The KIA also issued a statement on June 9 blaming the government and the military for failing to open the door to real peace, which prolongs the war.