Election commission, political parties meet to discuss by-election

Chan Wai Soe

The Union Election Commission held a meeting with political parties on June 14 to discuss upcoming by-election.

UEC spokesperson Myint Naing said the meeting focused on matters related to the by-election to be held on November 3 this year, experiences in the previous elections and suggestions.

"First we recounted election experiences. Then we discussed suggestions and cooperation of political parties. We invited all 92 parties and representatives from 72 parties attended the meeting. Twelve parties replied that they could not attend for some reasons such as difficult transport. Three parties could not be contacted and five parties didn’t show up though they had informed us," said Myint Naing.

Sai Aung Myin Khaing, Joint Secretary (1) of the Shan Nationalities Democratic Party, said the meeting also discussed advance voting, but some matters could not be discussed as they UEC ended the meeting by half day citing time limit.