NCA-signatories hold UPDJC meeting in Yangon

EAO UPDJC held in Green Hill Hotel in Yangon, June 7th (Photo-NCA-SEAO Office)
YANGON- As a preparatory measure to hold the third 21st Century Panglong Conference (3rd Union Peace Conference), a meeting of Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee (UPDJC) organized by ethnic armed groups that are Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) signatories was held at the Green Hill Hotel in Yangon on June 7th.
“Mainly, we aimed to fulfill the requirements for 21st Panglong Conference. We already approved discussion points,” said Yebaw Myo Win.
During the meeting, attendees reported on discussions resulting from informal meetings organized by government, military and NCA-signatories and Peace Process Steering Team (PPST).
They also reviewed the current political situation, sector-wise working committee and attending of delegates from NCA-signatories. 
Aiming to hold the 3rd meeting of 21st Century Panglong Conference, the meeting of PPST of NCA-signatories will be on June 11th.
After they met, a proposed date for holding of UPDJC which may decide the date of the 3rd Panglong Conference may be announced.
The number of ethnic armed groups which already signed the NCA is now 10 in total and they are the KNU, RCSS, PNLO, CNF, ALP, the KNU/KNLA (PC), DKBA, ABSDF, NMSP and LDU.