National security adviser calls on international community to witness Rakhine situation objectively

Thaung Tun, National Security Adviser, (from left) speaks at the 17th Asia Security Summit in Singapore.(Photo-MITV)
Union Minister for the Office of the Union Government and National Security Advisor U Thaung Tun attended the 17th Asia Security Summit: the International Institute for Strategic Studies Shangri-La Dialogue.
It’s held in Singapore from the 1st to the 3rd of June. At the Special Session “The Security and Humanitarian Crisis in Myanmar’s Rakhine State”, the Union Minister said that terrorism was the main cause of the recent outbreak of violence in Rakhine State. Premeditated and brutal killings of village heads and civilians by the ARSA terrorist group caused Islamic community and ethnic minorities to flee the area.
ARSA’s unscrupulous propaganda campaigns made the situation worse.  Islamic community, Buddhist Rakhine nationals, Hindus and ethnic minorities suffered.
The Union Minister called on the international community to see the Rakhine State situation objectively. Naming and shaming will inflame the current tension and will have a negative impact on efforts for a peaceful and durable resolution.
Terrorists use prejudiced propaganda campaign and exploitation of the plight of refugees to achieve their aims, and it worsens the situation.
Edited by Win Htut