DVB Debate points out Myanmar should seek international cooperation

Min Naing Soe
Local and foreign journalists meet Bengalis living outside the fence at Taungpyo border during April in 2018.
Myanmar government should seek international cooperation in an effort to trim down international pressure befalling the country as a result of terrorist attacks launched by ARSA in the northern Rakhine State, quoted the remark from DBV Debate.
The DBV Debate with the title of ‘How to overcome international pressure?’ was held at Orchid Hotel at the corner of Anawrahta and Botahtaung Roads in Yangon on June 2. 
“The international community accused Myanmar security members of committing rape and mass killing of people while launching clearance operation in the northern Rakhine State. Regarding these allegations about Myanmar security members, the United Nations wanted the fact-finding mission to enter Myanmar. If allowed, the issue might be addressed. It is necessary for the government and Tatmadaw (defence services) to conduct negotiations if the allegations are true or not when the fact-finding mission is allowed to enter,” said political researcher Dr Aung Myo.
It is of great importance to Myanmar in a bid to overcome international pressure. Myanmar has been facing international pressure for years. The international pressure depends either on Myanmar’s mistake or demands of its citizens, said Mya Aye, one of the leaders of the 88’s Generation.
In my view, if Myanmar is right, it must have ability to work together with the investigation teams from the international community. Our country needs to seek international cooperation, said Mya Aye.
There is growing international attention to Rakhine issue in Myanmar. The matter that UN peace keeping forces enter a sovereign country is the authorization of the UN. It has to take some time to discuss the issue in the United Nations Security Council. The result won’t come out immediately. But the matter is heading to the road to the UNSC. There has been growing international attention, political observer Dr Thaung Tun. 
China and Russia will protect Myanmar in the UNSC. Not frequent practice of veto power is good. These countries value prestige. China’s interest in oil is located in Myanmar. China’s practice of veto power depends on its oil interest in Myanmar. That’s why China always backed Myanmar and protected it as well. But China’s stance will be likely to change in a certain period, Dr Thaung Tun added.
We have seen three points—free investigation to be launched by international organisations over genocide occurred in the northern Rakhine State, giving effective punishment to those committed the rape and mass killing of people during military’s clearance operation and how Myanmar has planned to help ease the burden of Bangladesh caring about 700,000 Bengalis fleeing from terrorist attacks in the northern Rakhine State. International pressure may increase or decrease to some degree depending on how much Myanmar can fulfill these three points, said Dr Min Zaw Oo of Myanma Peace and Security Organisation.
Rakhine issue changes into the focus of the international attention because the political gains are being played. This process is common in the transition period to democracy. The opposition to the current government is using extreme nationalism in the search for public support when they really become unpopular in the political aspect, said Dr Thaung Tun.     
Translated and Edited by Win Htut