Kayah state-level officials discuss regional development matters with KNPP

Ma Khine
The military representative shakes hands with the officials of KNPP. (Photo-Ma Khine)
The officials of Kayah state-level discussed regional development matters with Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP), which is supposed to sign NCA soon at the meeting hall of Kayah State Government on May 29, said Loikaw Relations In-charge Khu Hnae Rel.
The meeting mainly focused on regional development matters, said Loikaw Relations In-charge Khu Hnae Rel.
“It is too early to say detailed points. We mainly concentrate on regional developments. We have no difficulties,” said Loikaw Relations In-charge Khu Hnae Rel.
At the meeting, the KNPP outlined difficulties in health and education as well as development matters. The government said that they could act within their capacity in accord with rules and regulations. The agreed points in the previous government were also discussed. Both sides discussed for enabling KNPP backpack health workers to carry medical supplies. 
This time meeting is held once a month. It is agreed by the government and the KNPP. The Peace Committee and the KNPP officially met in Loikaw in April and discussed possibility of signing NCA the soonest. 
Both sides issued a joint-statement after meeting. The joint-statement mentioned three points have been agreed. The three points agreed are local monitoring and JMC, state-level negotiations on matters relating to travel and communications of both troops and regular meeting agreed between the State Government and the KNPP. 
The Peace Commission and the KNPP planned to hold an informal meeting in Chiang Mai, Thailand on May 12, but it did not come true. 
The KNPP is an ethnic armed organization that signed the ceasefire agreement with the government at the State Level and Union Level. The KNPP said in its statement that continued efforts would be put into the signing of the NCA. 
A clash broke out between Tatmadaw (defence services) and the KNPP in Kayah State during December, leaving four deaths—one civilian and three members of KNPP. In this regard, the Tatmadaw launched investigations. The result of the investigation became one of the points the KNPP to sign the NCA.  
The KNPP is a Karenni political party in Kayah State, Myanmar. Its armed wing, the Karenni Army, has been fighting government forces for a separate Karenni State since 1957. However, the group signed a ceasefire agreement with the government in 2012. A similar ceasefire deal was signed in 1995, but it was dissolved within three months. 
Translated and Edited by Win Htut