NLD received over 350 complaints against its MPs in two years

Chan Wai Soe

There had been over 350 complaints against members of parliament from the ruling National League for Democracy (NLD) over the past two years, amongst them are corruption allegations, said the party's complaint committee in charge and spokesperson Dr Myo Nyunt.

Most of the complaints were about poor performance, lack of responsibility and interference in administrative affairs.

He said there were a few corruption complaints, but no severe action was taken.

"We mainly focus on corruption cases. Our committee has to deal with things extensively rather than corruption. We take action against those who fail to follow our party rules and disciplines. We have a policy. We give power to relevant executive committees to arrange legal action against those who are found guilty of corruption. If a person is accused of graft (with no evidence), we first issue a warning or take action in accord with the party discipline," said Myo Nyunt.

Out of the over 350 complaints, action had been taken for over 40. And some complaints were beyond party affairs such as land return and assistance for court affairs, he added.

NLD MP Aung Kyaw Myaing for Einme Township Constituency No.2 was accused of embezzling over K10 million from local villagers regarding a village electrification project this year. Then public complaints went to the NLD and the Anti-Corruption Commission. But the commission, without taking action, sent the case to the parliament for action.