JMC-U vice-president (1) says war needs to stop immediately

Chan Wai Soe, Maung Hto
Caption: Maj-Gen Saw Isaac Poe from KNU delivering a speech at the 2nd JMC summit (Photo- Chan Wai Soe)
Maj-Gen Saw Issac Poe from Karena National Union (KNU and the vice-president (1) of Joint Monitoring Committee –Union Level {JMC-U}  urged those present to stop immediately internal clashes as local people are the victims of these internal conflicts in his speech on the 2nd JMC general meeting
The 2nd JMC general meeting was held at the LOTTE Hotel in Yangon on May 8.
In his opening speech, he said, “Local people are the victims of internal conflicts. Therefore, we need to stop warring immediately. After that, we need to work for participation of armed groups for National Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) and via JMC. We need to strive hard for participation of these armed groups in the JMC’s implementation with trust,”
At present, fighting had occurred between KIA/KIO and the military in Kachin State as well as in Paletwa, near Rakhine State and Chin State with the Arakan Army.
There were also clashes that broke out in Shan State between Shan State Progressive Party (SSPP), one of the non-signatories of the NCA, and the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA). Moreover, there are clashes with military and ethnic armed forces. 
He claimed that success must be measured by on-ground situation after two years of JMC implementations. If there is success, there will be continued implementation. Otherwise, failure must be taken and reflected upon.
“Our JMCs were formed with three groups consisting of the Tatmadaw, ethnic armed organizations and civilians. The civilian group is recognized as the neutral group. In the work guideline of the JMC, the aims of the JMCs at all levels are to reduce and eliminate armed conflicts and to successfully hold political discussions. Trust-building is the main step to eliminate armed conflicts,” he continued.
In the JMC formed in accordance with NCA, there are JMC-U, JMC-S and JMC-L, which means union level, State level and local level. In JMC general meeting, a video of the two-year works undertaken by all levels of the JMCs was shown. Discussions were also held on the difficulties and the challenges faced.