KIO release a stamen for aid groups

Maung Htoo
Aid groups heading to conflict areas to provide humanitarian assistance must display their group logo cearly, according to KIO’s statement released on May 7.
It stated that KIO genuinely thanked social and religious organizations, and well wishers who are providing humanitarian assistance to local villagers trapped in the conflict areas in Kachin State. They are not stopping any kind of groups to provide assistance.
KIO requested that aid groups going to conflict areas to provide humanitarian assistance do express their group’s logo significantly and then, they can travel in the area. KIO will also give necessary assistance to these groups if needed.
Moreover, KIO believed that well wishers will also give humanitarian assistance to IDPs in the future.
A convoy travelling to provide assistance to IDPs in Tanaing-Aunglaud region was shot by an ethnic group and a car wheel was destroyed. As a result, military had carried out land clearing works in the area according to Col. Thura Myo Tin, Minister for Kachin State security and border affairs.
After that incident, KIO made this statement on May 7. Currently, there is no fresh fighting between military and KIO/KIO but military situation remains tense in Kachin State according to KIO’s spokesman Col. Nawbu.