KNPP to meet with government peace commission in Loikaw late April

Ma Khaing (Loikaw)
The government peace commission met with KNPP at NRPC in Yangon on March 7.(Photo-Peace Commission)

The Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) is going to officially meet with the government peace commission at the hall of Loikaw in Kayah State in the last week of April, said Khu Ngyay Rel, an in-charge of Loikaw relations of KNPP.

The KNPP is the ethnic armed group that already signed the ceasefire at the state level and the Union level. The official meeting has been scheduled from April 23 to 25. In a bid to hold an official meeting, the KNPP and the government organized a preliminary coordination meeting in Loikaw on April 6.

The preliminary coordination meeting focused on matters relating to local monitoring team and JMC, human rights monitoring, the participation of international governments and foreign representatives at the levels of JMC-S and JMC-L, EITI and international social assistance, functions of INGOs and NGOs, narcotic drugs, deforestation, human trafficking, reappointment of relation in-charges at the state level and the Union level, Union level negotiation for the travel and communication of both troops and invitation to observers in the state and other ethnic armed members at the official meetings.

No results came out from Tatmadaw side. There are 20 points for us to discuss. Six points have been left for discussions. The remaining six points are related to Tatmadaw (defence services). The agreement states that both troops have to inform to the concerned body of their travel or movement three days ahead. Myanma Tatmadaw does not usually follow this point. This point may bring about a problem. For that reason, we have submitted this matter to be officially discussed at the upcoming meeting, said Khu Ngyay Rel, an in-charge of Loikaw relations of KNPP.

“Our agreement includes this point. Both troops have to inform the concerned body of their movements three days in advance. But now the information comes late. It is a sensitive issue for both troops. If the official meeting appears, we will discuss about this point,” Khu Ngyay Rel said.

The KNPP has discussed with the government to participate in the signing of the NCA just like UNFC members for more than 17 months.  

Translated by Win Htut