PPST meets in Chiang Mai

Kyaw Zin Win

The Peace Process Steering Team (PPST) formed with eight NCA ethnic signatories held its meeting in Chiang Mai, Thailand on April 4.  

The representatives from the New Mon State Party (NMSP) and the Lahu Democratic Union (LDU), which have not participated in the signing of the NCA, have been in attendance at the meeting of PPST.

“The meeting was aimed at implementing the NCA together. For this we got together to hold the meeting. During the meeting we would review what we have done mentioned in the previous meeting minutes, what we have left to do and how we are facing what difficulty,” said General Saw Mutu Say Phoe, Chairman of the KNU, who is also a leader of the PPST.

General Saw Mutu Say Phoe added, “We need to analyse development of political process at a time when every meeting is finished. It is also required to seek ways to address the challenges regarding the NCA. We would like each ethnic armed group to share information and how to overcome the crisis experienced by each group. In doing so, trust will grow and then unity will strengthen.”

General Saw Mutu Say Phoe pointed out different views among the dialogue partners should be overcome through informal meetings; agreed matters among us should be discussed; how to cooperate with new NCA signatories ought to be focused; members should be held accountable for the meeting minutes of the PPST and ways should be sought how to do for upcoming Union Peace Conference.

Translated by Win Htut