Army releases a statement in concerned with Rakhine issue

Nay Myo Win

The army released a statement in concerned with the act of British MPs in connection with Rakhine issue and the decision of European Union Foreign Affairs Council meeting on Myanmar on March 6 through the Facebook page of Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the defence services.

The announcement included 17 facts and  the European Union Foreign Affairs Council, held a meeting with the participation of the ministers of foreign affairs of the European Union-EU on February 26, reached a conclusion that continued help must be provided to Bengali refugees, the media and the fact-finding mission of the UN Human Rights Council must be rendered freedom and cooperation, continued cooperation must be made with the special rapporteur on human rights, the verdict under the power of the International Criminal Court-ICC must be accepted, the defence cooperation with Myanmar must be reduced to the lowest level, the proposal to impose targeted restrictions and sanctions on senior officers of the Myanmar army who are responsible for human rights violations must be presented soonest. Such a decision at the European Union Foreign Affairs Council meeting was triggered by 102 MPs of the House of Commons led by MP Rushanara Ali who submitted a letter to British Secretary of State Boris Johnson dated on February 21. The letter made a demand to exert more pressures on army leaders in connection with the Rakhine issue and to transfer them to the ICC and to discuss the issue at the European Union Foreign Affairs Council meeting, it said.

The report also launched an accusation saying that many Bengalis refugees (Rohingyas in original report) fled to Bangladesh due to offensive launched by the Myanmar military. Although the Bengalis were facing violence, intimidation and destruction of their property and belongings and military and security personnel and military-supported groups and people’s militia raped hundreds of Bengalis women, the government had no means to guarantee a safe return of the Bengalis refugees as it could not control the army. Although the government is nearly two years old, except from forming committees it could not do anything to improve the civil rights and humanitarian issue of the Bengali in Myanmar. The Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Services is enlarging the conflict with ethnic groups without any restrictions and threatening and disturbing the peace process. For the first time in many years, more military jets are being used to cause more civilian deaths and injuries. The military-appointed ministries are terribly disturbing and destroying the reform proposals of the democratically elected government, it said.

The report continuously uses the term “Rohingya” which is totally unacceptable for all the people of Myanmar. The accusations made in the report are the same old ones that have been made since the start of the Rakhine issue. Press meets and the press releases of the government have already declared that such accusations are wrong and the Army True News Information Team has released for ten times about the true situation of Rakhine issue, it said.

Moreover the army clarified in concerned with the letter sent by British MPs in the announcement.