Ex-Chief Minister denies ‘personal business’ reason for resignation

Minthu Win Htut
The press conference held by the ex-Chief Minister of Ayeyawady Region. (Photo – Minthu Win Htut)


Mann Johnny, the recently resigned Chief Minister of Ayeyawady Region denies allegations that his withdrawal from the position was due to “family business affairs”.

He hosted a press conference on Friday at his office, reiterating the point that his decision to retire was due to his ailing health – quoting multiple instances of broken bones, eye surgery and traffic accidents among other assorted injuries – and the worry that he would not be able to serve his office efficiently.

“Are there any journalist from the Irrawaddy News Media? Please tell me if you are and let me know who the person (that spread the rumor) is so that I can get up, go arrest him and put him in jail. There are no businesses under me on that large of a scale. You know my sister died the other day. You should have seen the way she was living and eating. There’s no way it’s possible,” said Mann Johnny.

The retired minister claimed that while he will still be serving his role as part of the Central Executive Committee of the National League for Democracy (NLD) as well as being a mentor for his successor as someone that had accomplished much in his rather short stint as the Ayeyawady Region’s Chief Minister.

Mann Johnny also claimed that his anti-corruption goals, his main slogan during the campaign in 2015, failed as it was a very sensitive matter and that it needed the cooperation of the people to work. He blamed his constituents for lack of concise reporting of corruption.