Mann Johnny resigned from post of chief minister to hold a press

Min Thu Win Htut

Mann Johnny, who resigned from the post of regional chief minister of Ayeyawady Region, has planned to hold a press conference after handing over his duties to a new chief minister who will be elected at the parliamentary emergency meeting to be held on January 15.

The press conference will be held as he is to clarify the reasons why he resigns and ongoing rumours, Win Htay, Minister for Electric Power, Transport and Industry, who is also a spokesperson, told the media after the coordination meeting with regional cabinets.

Minister Win Htay said, “The chief minister will hold a press conference after the parliamentary meeting is held. He, himself, will give explanations on the reasons why he resigns.”

Chief Minister Mann Johnny posted a video file in his Facebook that he resigns from regional government not because of particular problems. He instructs his regional government ministers to keep on working honestly following his retirement.

“Although we are not in the regional government, regional ministers should try to work on. Mind your business. You speak frankly and openly. Honesty is of great importance. If we have honesty, we can’t face any problem,” Marn Johnny said in his video file.

The local news agency stated that a person who is close to NLD said the chief minister is criticized for not being an intelligent person but not honest. He can’t have control on business activities of his relatives. The chief minister will be substituted with an intelligent woman.

Saw Min Htaik Kyaw, son of Marn Johnny, sent an objection letter to the local new agency.

The local news agency deleted the critical phrase from the story, but it has not inserted the correction yet. Marn Johnny is a retired township education officer. He is the person who served duties of State honestly. The expression of the local news agency tarnished the reputation of the family, Saw Min Htaik Kyaw said in his Facebook.  

Translated by Win Htut