USDP spokesperson summoned over remark about election commission

Kyaw Zin Win
The Union Election Commission (UEC) chairman has summoned Dr Nanda Hla Myint, a spokesperson to the opposition Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), to hold a discussion over his recent remark that he does not trust in the commission because of its partiality. 
Nanda Hla Myint said that he had been informed to meet with UEC chairman Hla Thein on December 8 over his remark during a press conference on the current political situation held at the USDP headquarters in Yangon on November 23. 
"The letter sent to me politely saying that I am invited to discuss. I myself will go there because I hope for good results from our meeting. I said I did not trust in the UEC because I have a reason.
“I am satisfied with the chance I will have to explain. The commission will also explain how it acts in a fair manner. There should be trust between the UEC and political parties. Everything will be OK only if we build trust. We will explain our own views while the UEC will explain what it has decided," said Dr Nanda Hla Myint on December 5. 
"But both sides need to accept their weaknesses if they have. If we can accept what the UEC explains, we will accept it. If we say that the UEC has not acted in accord with the law, it needs to admit to that. I want there to be trust. We want to build trust. I hope that there will be good results from the meeting."
UEC chairman Hla Thein said he (Dr Nanda Hla Myint) was not summoned, but invited to hold a discussion. 
During the press conference, the UEC was criticised for some actions including the chairman's remark that political parties would face actions if their statements contradict the prescribed laws.