Locals of Southern Maungdaw Township express their desire over Bengalis' resettlement

Thar Shwe Oo(Kisapa)

If the relocation of Bengalis takes place in the original places, there may be recurrence of violence and so locals of southern Maungdaw Township desire Bengalis not to be relocate in the previous places and released a statement of 6-points on November 5th.

A meeting comprising of Rakhine villagers in southern Maungdaw Township was held at the Thayay Konbaung monastery in southern Maungdaw Township where 150 people from 25 villages attended it. The meeting later released a statement comprising of 6 points. They are (1) to make no rush in re-accepting of Bengalis fleeing to Bangladesh  and if there is pressure to re-accept them, systematic re-accepting must form by cooperation with towns elders, social organizations, (2) if these Bengalis are to relocate in previous villages, there may be danger of recurrence of violence, and if relocation of Bengalis in their previous places has to take place , all villagers living in southern Maungdaw Township will abandon their places, (3) when re-accepting the Bengalis, it is better to form as a camp and place them collectively there instead of relocating them in widespread areas, and they have to undergo 1982 Citizenship Law, (4) it’s been 25 years that UN/NGOs have been working in Rakhine State but they are not beneficial to ethnic Rakhine people and only supporting Bengalis and as a result, violence took place. Therefore restricting must be made to UN/NGOs working in Maungdaw Township, (5) for the self-protection of Rakhine villagers, village security groups must be formed and (6) for the long term living of local people, farm lands near villages must be shared systematically to villagers close to that village and a law on protection of national races rights must be enacted as soon as possible.

In addition, when re-accepting Bengalis, detailed check must be made for avoiding terrorists in the Bengalis and place them only in the restricted areas are also stated.