RCSS Chief meets with Shan people in Taunggyi

Kyaw Zin Win
-General Ywet Sit, Chairman of the RCSS/SSA, poses for a documentary photo with those present at the meeting. (Photo-www.taifreedom.com)
Chairman General Ywet Sit of the RCSS/SSA, which signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA), met Shan people at the Hall of Shan Literature and Culture in Taunggyi, Shan State on October 18.
The Daily Eleven tried to contact the spokespersons for the RCSS, but nobody replied prior to press deadline.
The RCSS-owned Tai Freedom News Agency reported that General Ywet Sit said that people should not wait for help from others and should themselves actively participate in the development work of Shan State. 
The RCSS/SSA will be standing as the bridge for Shan people, said Ywet Sit.
He added that they got in touch with the SSPP/SSA, which had not yet signed the NCA.
General Ywet Sit urged Shan people to support the CSSU formed with Shan political parties, Shan armed groups and Shan CSOs.
The troops on both sides must abide by the Codes of Conduct, Tai Freedom said in its report.
Attending the meeting were people from political parties, CSOs, the Shan Literature and Culture Association, Taunggyi, Hopone, Pinlong, Nyaungshwe, Hsihsaing, Panglong, Mongpan and Leichar.
The Shan delegation, led by General Ywet Sit, attended the Second Anniversary of the NCA signing ceremony held in Nay Pyi Taw on October 15, and then met with Shan people in Taunggyi on October 18.
The RCSS have clashed with the government forces on more than 20 occasions. It cannot yet hold its nationality political dialogue because of a conflict in booking a venue.