Bengalis refuse to return to native place though ministers and Bangladeshi ambassador persuade them

Thar Shwe Oo (Kitsapa)

Bengalis preparing to go sheltering in the refuge camps in Bangladesh refused to return to their native place although Union ministers and Mohammand Sufiur Rahman, Bangladeshi ambassador to Myanmar persuaded them not to do so.

The diplomats from China, India, Bangladesh, Laos and Thailand made a tour to Maungdaw together with local and foreign media professionals on October 10.

Over 40 persons including international diplomats and reporters yesterday morning visited Ahlaethankyaw village, southern Maungdaw Township by two helicopters. They proceeded to the beach via Ahlaethankyaw village by cars. There, they met with about 1,000 Islamists who were gathering to cross the border into Bangladesh and about 700 Islamists near the border fence in Gawduthara village.

In his meeting with Islamists, Kyaw Tint Swe, Union Minister for State Counsellor Office, requested them not to go to Bangladesh, adding that supplies and humanitarian assistance would be provided with them and they would take up responsibility for enabling them to live in peace. The minister also urged them to re-settle their villages they lived originally.

“Your leaders should not themselves think about. They ought to consult with all remaining people. We already told the authorities to fulfill what you required. The other side won’t accept you and said that you would be sent back. All of you should think with care. You should tell the authorities what you require,” Union Minister Kyaw Tint Swe said.

Similarly, Mohammand Sufiur Rahman, Bangladeshi ambassador to Myanmar, told them that he would like them to return to their villages they lived originally. Both countries are negotiating about resending of the refugees arriving in Bangladesh to Myanmar.

“The minister from Myanmar went to Bangladesh and discussed with the Bangladeshi minister. They discussed to send the refugees arriving in Bangladesh back to Myanmar. They agreed to take up responsibility for ensuring that security would be provided to all ethnics,” Mohammand Sufiur Rahman said.

The Bengalis replied that they needed nothing assistance and they had no wish to go back to their original places, insisting that they would go to Bangladesh despite the requests of the Union ministers and the Bangladeshi ambassador.   

Translated by Win Htut