National Protection Network: Responding to false accusations concerning Rakhine State must be quick with solid evidences

Maung Htoo

Concerning the coverage of false Rakhine news by international media, it is needed to respond these accusations quickly with solid evidences according to National Protection Network on October 8th.

A closed door meeting comprising of Myanmar consumer association, small scale footwear businessmen, Kye Tagon footwear production cooperative, leader of black ribbon movement Dr. Alinka and those interested in politics was held at the Pauk Zedi in Mayankone Township under the title of “How to go further among the political traps setting in extremists Bengalis affairs”. They later held a press brief.

It stated that there are 7 results after a closed door meeting. One thing is that the government needs to express the false allegations made by international media concerning Rakhine State affairs with solid evidences at the same time when the international media has published or broadcast the false news.

In order to do so, the government needs to promote the role of domestic media and must work for  the media people to cover the news to the places as soon as the news broke out.

Besides, behind the Rakhine State affairs, there are many political traps, and it may worsen the situation. To avoid taking the root of  extremism in Myanmar as well as to avoid UN’s interfering, the government, military and national races must join hands united.

A the same time, to solve the international pressure on Myanmar, the responsibility is on the government, military and all those living in Myanmar, it stated.