Surviving eight Hindu women and eight children arriving back in Myanmar haven’t seen family members yet

Thar Shwe Oo (Kitsapa)
Hindu children taking shelter at the rescue camp opened in Danyawady Sports Ground in Sittwe have meals. (Photo-Thar Shwe Oo)

Although eight Hindu women and eight children, who were abducted by ARSA extremist terrorists to a refugee camp in Bangladesh, arrived back in Myanmar, they have not seen their family members up till now, sources from the rescue camp in Sittwe said.

ARSA extremist terrorists spared eight Hindu women because of their beauty and then took them to a refugee camp in Bangladesh. Eight Hindu women and eight children are from Yebawkya village. All of them arrived back in Myanmar with the help of security forces.

Hindu woman Menubarla, whose two sons were killed and whose daughter, daughter-in-law and grandchildren were taken to Bangladesh, said: “My two sons were murdered. Their bodies were also found. One of two is Shuyartaw and another is Hla Maung. A daughter, a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren were brought to Bangladesh. Now I got the news that they have arrived in Buthidaung. I have not seen them yet. They are now in a secure condition. I want to see daughter, daughter-in-law and grandchildren as soon as possible. I would like the government to help meet with them.”

Now, Hindu woman Menubarla has been in the rescue camp in Danyawady Sports Ground, Sittwe.

Similarly, Ohnnubarla, who lost 23 family members, said: “I lost 23 family members. My five family members are among 45 Hindu bodies. I saw my father, my elder brother and three sons of my elder brother. I did not recognize the remaining family members. I saw a daughter of my elder brother among eight Hindu women and eight children who arrived back in Myanmar. I received a contact from her. She said that Bengalis killed her grandparents and her parents. She is now in Buthidaung battalion. Her name is Yasuwari. Only this daughter is still alive. I want to see this daughter so much. I would like the authorities to take her to me or I want to go to the place where she has been.”

All 16 Hindu people are being provided with securities and supplies. Morale among them is being boosted, the report of the Information Committee said.

“Three out of Hindu women taken by Bengalis to Bangladesh got to the place where we found the bodies on September 26. One of the three is called Rica, another Onika and the next Muni. Rica has three children, Muni one child and Onika four children. They showed the way in the forest and the place where they were kept. The place where Bengalis sharpened their knives and the place where Bengali chopped Hindus were showed by these Hindu women. I don’t know when the remaining Hindu women arrive back in Myanmar. They asked for permission to see the bodies, but in vain. When they see the bodies, they may be foolish. It is known that all Hindu women have already arrived in the security camp. The family members said they would see them. But we will arrange them to see their family members not now but later,” Hindu national Maung Ba from Khamaungseik village, who participated in the search for Hindu bodies, said.

Maung Ba has a five-year-old daughter. She was killed. The families of his wife were also murdered by Bengali terrorists. Hindus in cooperation with security forces are keeping on searching missing Hindus as abducted Hindu women by ARSA extremist terrorists to Bangladesh have already arrived back in Myanmar. They are showing the way to security forces so that they could find the missing Hindus.

The news that these Hindu women would be murdered if they went outside is spreading rapidly. They had to be quietly taken back. At present they need physical and mental rest and so they are being kept with security forces.

“Hindu women and children who are arriving back in Myanmar are being provided securities. They are not allowed seeing their relatives at the present time. But later it will be all right. Therefore, they are kept separately. When they arrive back in Myanmar, Maung Hla is giving help to them. U Ani Mal, the Hindu religious leader, was also thanked. I help U Ani Mal. Now Hindu women are kept in a secure place. If it is a good situation, they will be allowed seeing their relatives. Three Hindus had to enter Bangladesh.  They took Hindu women and children back in Myanmar disguising themselves as workers. When they reached this side, they had to change clothes. Then they were taken by helicopter. They came here amidst troubles. The news that these Hindu women would be murdered if they went outside is spreading rapidly,” Maung Ba said.

State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi met with members of Implementation Committee for Recommendations of Rakhine State at the meeting hall of the Presidential Residence in Nay Pyi Taw on September 22, saying that surviving six Hindu women and three children arriving in the refugee camp in Myanmar-Bangladesh border would be taken back to Myanmar through diplomatic channel although Myanmar border guard force asked for those from Bangladesh border guard. Under the guidance of the State Counsellor, the Minister of Foreign Affairs asked for surviving Hindu women and children to be handed over by Bangladeshi government through the diplomatic channel. Moreover, Kyaw Tint Swe, Minister for State Counsellor Office demanded the Bangladeshi Foreign Minister during the meeting on October 2 and 3 to hand over those Hindu women and children arriving in the refugee camp in Bangladesh.  

Translated by Win Htut