Administrative machinery runs under normal circumstances in Maungdaw despite terrorist attacks launched by ARSA

News Team

Administrative machinery is running under normal circumstances without being broken down due to well-organized terrorist attacks launched by ARSA, Ye Htut, Maungdaw district administrator, said.

Maungdaw is focusing on administrative matters based on three townships—Taungpyoletwe, Khamaungseik and Myinhlut.    

Ye Htut, Maungdaw district administrator, said: “We focus on administrative matters in three townships and they are Taungpyoletwe, Khamaungseik and Myinhlut.  They have township administrative bodies.  Administrative machinery is in normal situation. The administration offices are still being opened as security forces are carrying out security measures.”

At present, the administrative body in cooperation with the Viber Group is seeking necessary information. Moreover, the administrative body is working together not only with ethnic villages but also with villages of Islam in the search for right information.

All ethnic villages have to give information through Viber Group every hour. Similarly, villages of Islam have to inform the authorities of the situations good or bad. Therefore, the administrative machinery is running under normal circumstances without being broken down, Ye Htut said.

Govt must systematically handle burnt areas in Maungdaw

ARSA extremist Bengali terrorists launched arson attacks on the villages in Maungdaw and the villages were destroyed. Therefore, the government will systematically handle and manage all the burnt areas, Ye Htut told the Eleven Media.

“We prepared for the October 9 incident. The government designated 13 villages from nine village tracts as the management area. Then we fulfilled all the needs. We already announced that land preparation, construction of houses, water and electricity supply will be arranged. Now we have already done all the requirements. All are ready for IDPs. The government will re-arrange the burnt area. It is now making a list that who owns how much land. It is too early to say about it,” Ye Htut said.

Until September 8, more than 40 villages and nearly 8000 houses were destroyed in Maungdaw. While firefighters were putting out fire, they were shot in unguarded moment and mines also exploded, according to Township Fire Services Department.

ARSA extremist Bengali terrorists launched coordinated terrorist attacks on 30 police outposts at the same time in Maungdaw starting on August 25. Arson attacks were also launched. The date collected up to September 4 showed that 59 villages were burned down and 6842 houses worth of more than Ks600 million were destroyed, according to the official announcement of the government.

Three police stations in Maungdaw and Yathedaung were attacked by Bengali terrorists on October 9 in 2016. Bengali terrorists set fire to 13 villages. The burnt land was systematically arranged by the government for settlement. But Bengali villagers did not follow the arrangement of the government.

Security geared up in Sittwe of Rakhine State

Security measures are being geared up in Sittwe in Rakhine State, Police Colonel Aung Myat Moe of Rakhine State Police Force, said.

Starting on September 10, security measures were carried out throughout the night in Sittwe urban area. Suspects were questioned, Police Colonel Aung Myat Moe said.

All the ways to Sittwe were blocked for searching suspects and suspect things. Arms and ammunitions and narcotic drugs were searched by blocking entrance and exit roads. Security guards were fully deployed in every area. We are looking forward to seeing the helps from the people, Police Colonel Aung Myat Moe said.

The authorities have already received the news that terrorist attacks and bomb blast would be launched in major cities including Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon and Mandalay to spotlight the attention of the international community toward Buthidaung and Maungdaw region in Rakhine State and to support the terrorist acts of ARSA. Therefore, the authorities gave instructions to pay attention to possible terrorist attacks from September 11 to 13.

The villagers of Taungbazar surrounded by many Bengali villages say it is important live together with Bengali terrorists

The villagers of Taungbazar surrounded by many Bengali villages said that it was impossible to live together with Bengali terrorists.

Taungbazar village located in the southeast of Buthidaung is eight miles far from Buthidaung. In the rainy season, it has to rely on water transport. To reach there about 30 Bengali villages have to be crossed.

Aung Tun Hla, a Taungbazar villager, said: “It is not easy for us to live as our village is surrounded by many Bengali villages. Therefore, we are living a dangerous situation. At present our village has security forces led by the Deputy Commander of Light Infantry Division. We will have to be worried when the security forces moves to other places. We are living with Bengalis for so long. We have never seen such terrorist attacks. We had a narrow escape from terrorist attacks of Bengalis as security forces arrived at us in time. Therefore, we cannot live with Bengalis any longer.”

There are about 17 Bengali villages in and around Taungbazar village. Now, it is not easy to go anywhere if we have no security forces. There are more than 80 Rakhine ethnic houses and more than 30 Hindu houses in Taungbazar village. On August 30, while the villagers were fleeing the village, Bengali terrorists destroyed the Buddhist monastery and some houses in the village and took household items away. At present the village has to rely on security forces.

Resident ethnics are in uproar as Bengalis arrives in Maungdaw urban area

Resident ethnics were in an uproar as Bengalis from Shwezar village tract in Maungdaw arrives in Maungdaw urban area on the morning of September 17.

Upper House MP Kyaw Kyaw Win representing Maungdaw said: “Resident ethnics felt afraid of seeing about 16 Bengalis from Shwezar village tract coming to the urban area of Maungdaw. They came and told me that about 16 Bengalis from Shwezar village tract got to the urban area of Maungdaw. I asked the township administrator if they were allowed to enter the urban area of Maungdaw. He replied me that they were not allowed to do so. Bengalis should not get to the urban area of Maungdaw without having instructions. A problem may become worse.”

Shops are still closed in Maungdaw Myoma Market. Some shops near Bengali ward are reopened, but most of the shops are still closed.

Translated by Win Htut