Myanmar still negotiates with dialogue partners for Rakhine issue to be unable to go to UNSC

Soe Min Htaik

Myanmar is still negotiating with dialogue partner countries for Rakhine issue not to be able to convene a meeting at United Nations Security Council, said Thaung Tun, National Security Adviser, said.

The move came from the press conference on Rakhine situation held in Nay Pyi Taw on September 6.

Thaung Tun, National Security Adviser, said: “We will have to face the United Nations about the issues taking place abroad. The United Nations is going to convene its general assembly soon. In this state, we are meeting with dialogue partner countries about Rakhine issue not to go to the UNSC. I am organizing dialogue partner countries.

“If a statement on Rakhine issue is issued at the UNSC, a voting will have to be held. There are 15 countries in the UNSC. Five of them are permanent Security Council members. Russia and China include in the five permanent Security Council members. If China and Russia disagree, the issue can’t go ahead. We are friendly not only with China but also with Russia. It is impossible that the issue will go ahead.

“We were attacked by ARSA extremist Bengali terrorists. We didn’t attack them first. They launched coordinated terrorist attacks to 30 outposts at the same time. We have right to make counter-attacks to those terrorists. The international aspect is the same matter. The United Nations is the same matter, too. This matter also include in the international law. Our security forces are not launching forcible re-attacks to ARSA extremist Bengali terrorists. We are trying to do so in systematic manner. Now we are changing the target into humanitarian aid.”      

There are 15 countries in the UNSC. China and Russia have been on the list of permanent members. Myanmar is maintaining friendly relations with these countries. For that reason we are negotiating with these friendly countries, Thaung Tun said.

The State is responsible for protecting the interest of the country and its people. Rakhine issue is of great importance to us all. More security guards have been deployed in Rakhine State. Media professionals should distribute right news so that the international community will clearly know the real situations. Media professionals are urged to spread the right news to the world, Thaung Tun said. 

Translated by Win Htut