Authorities imposes curfew in Yathedaung

Thar Shwe Oo (Kissapa)
Army and border guards patrol in southern Maungdaw (Photo-EMG)


The authorities have imposed curfew on August 11 in eleven village tracts in Yathedaung township including Lower Nanyar village, where border guard police force are being attacked by Bengalis on August 4.

The eleven village tracts are Phat Lake, Thain Taung, Chut Pyin, Lower Nanyar, Upper Nanyar, Saetipyin, Lower Kyaung Taung, Pauk Pin Yin, Khwa Sone, Pan Phaw Pyin and Koe Tan Kaute.

The curfew bans gatherings of five or more people in public places such as schools, hospitals, clinics, churches and mosques from 9 pm to 5 am starting from August 11 for two months.

The violent attacks on border guard police force were taken place when the police went to Saetipyin village to arrest six offenders and two of them are escaped as more than 600 Bengalis tried to attack the police using sticks, swords and catapults.

After the tension mounted, ethnics from three villagers abandoned their homes and they have been escorted back with security forces. The army, police force and border guard police force are reinforced to station in the villages.

“The curfew is being imposed from yesterday. At the present, the situation is stable. Security forces are reinforced. An army medical team is sent to the area,” said Saetipyin village administrator Maung Aye Tin.

Ministry of State Counsellor Office announced on August 11 that the army is conducting military operations in the area and the government will impose curfew in required areas.