Western door of Myanmar with high alarming for ethnics

Thar Shwe Oo

Alarming for the security of western door of Myanmar has been highly increased.

It all began when border guard police offices in western Rakhine State including Kyeekanpyin Headquarters, Koetankauk and Ngakhura posts were attacked by terrorists on October 9, 2016. The attack was said to have been carried out by a terrorist group led by Aqa Mul Mujahidin. It was six months after the National League for Democracy took office.

The conflict between Rakhine ethnic and Bengalis (those come from Bangladesh) were triggered after several Bengalis groups were said to have initially come to the Rakhine villages in Maungdaw during the tenure of former President Thein Sein back in 2012.  These groups set fire the villages and murdered the villagers of Rakhine ethnic.

From community conflicts expanded seemily to land grabbing as the Bengalis attacked the border guard police posts and kill the native Rakhine ethnics. Rakhine ethnics gradually flee their villages for safety.

On August 3, a horrific killing of eight ingenuous villagers of Mro ethnic by the Bengali terrorists took place. Photos of the dead bodies spread on the Facebook shocked  viewers. A four months pregnant woman was among those murderers. Villagers found her body near river without her pants. Another 40 years old woman is still missing.

Bengalis were said to have first attacked the border guard posts, and then they attacked those who are closely related with the local administrators. Now, they have murdered  innocent villagers. Rakhine ethnic villagers have been subject to frequently threats. Some were murdered and some had their houses set on fire.

At least 14 Rakhine villagers were killed and two went missing (bodies were not found) after the October 2016 terrorist attack by Bengalis.

On May 9 in Maungdaw district, approximately 20 Bengalis stole crops in the field owned by the Rakhines and they murdered a villager and the village administrator who tried to stop them from stealing. There was another incidence on February 24. Two Khami people went into the forest of Mayu mountain range looking for food. Three terrorists attacked them with knives and axes. One Khami man was killed.

A villager from Pha Wat Chaung Village of Northern Maungdaw is still missing since October 12, 2016 when he went to another village by motorbike. Another villagers who went into May Yu Hill for food searching were murdered. On July 27, another villager Than Htay was missed when he went into May Yu Hill. Again, he hasn’t been found till now.

Because of such incidences, Rakhine ethnic live in fear. Government’s announcement on June 20, 2017 that terrorists are hiding in Mayu mountain range between Buthidaung and Maungdaw was triggering high anxiety among the residents. Security forces found a tunnel, guns, huts, warehouses, foods and other staff. Three terrorists who attacked the security forces in the tunnel were arrested.

The Office of the State Counselor has released news about Maungdaw on a daily basis. However, the public remains indignant that the State Counselor Office says only terrorists but has not mentioning which organizations they came. Notwithstanding, the Rakhine State government confirmed that they are Rohingya Solidarity Organisation and Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA). The ARSA was found by Aqa Mul Mujahidin – AMM and Rohingya National Security Committee – RNSC on March 15, 2017.

On July 30, when the security forces and the military searched for the missing persons in Mayu mountain range, it was found that High Energy Biscuits aided by the World Food Programme and humanitarian goods aided by the United Nations, rice, oil, new blue tent and coffee mix were found in the hats of Bengalis terrorists in Mayu mountain range.

Resident Than Tun said: “International humanitarian goods were found in the hidden huts of Bengali terrorists. The international humanitarian goods were found where they should not be. The union government should investigate how such aids were reached the terrorists.”

Regarding with the findings, Minister of Border and Security Col. Phone Tint said: “We have reported all findings with photos to the union level government. We have questions if the INGOs and NGOs are supporting the terrorists directly or indirectly.”

After the murder of eight ethnic villagers in southern Maungdaw by the Bengali terrorists on August 3, border guard police forces tried to arrest those who are closely related to the terrorists in Yathaedaung on August 4. However, approximately 600 Bengalis attacked the police forces.

Due to the terrorist attacks by Bengalis, native Rakhine people have been leaving their lands and moved to safer places.

Translated by Thet Mon Tun