Despite recent increase, villagers say there is not enough security

Aung Yama (Kyauk Phyu)
Rakhine locals abandon their villages, temporarily finding shelter in Sedi Pyin basic education primary school and Mawhtet monastery

Locals residing near Mayu mountain have been abandoning their villages since Kyaingyee village in Rakhine State were killed during recent attacks. Although there has been an increase in security locals are still worried and do not wish to return home.

“When meeting with Rakhine State government, they asked for increase in numbers of security. The government agreed and prepared to send the villagers back, but they were not satisfy with the security. Yesterday Rakhine State Minister Nyi Pu came here. The minister said he will double the security numbers but only five policemen were added in each village police station. Each village has eight policemen and adding five brings the total number to 13, but the number does not satisfy the villagers. If there is a military guard, people can go back home. If something happens again, policemen run first. We can’t rely on them,” said Chyutpyin villager Phyu Daung.

Currently people from three villages are temporarily sheltering at Sedi Pyin basic education primary school and Mawhtet monastery.

On August 6th, only 10 men and women returned to their villages with the additional security to Padauk Myaing village.