Rebel armies talk peace in Chiang Mai

Kyaw Zin Win
2015 ceasefire signatories discuss the peace process with other armed groups in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on July 13.

The Peace Process Working Team formed by eight signatories of the 2015 national ceasefire agreement and the nine armed groups in the United Nationalities Federal Council, which did not sign the deal, have met in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Khu Oo Rel of the council of non-signatories said: “It is the third meeting between the two groups. We discussed security, defence and a federal army. We discussed defence and security principles.

“There are the matters both of us accepted and agreed. It is of great importance. Therefore this meeting is aimed at seeking solutions.

"We have seen weak and strong points. We are hoping for more suggestions," Khu Oo Rel said.

Phado Saw Kwe Htoo Win, vice chairman of the Karen National Union, said: "This meeting is a good sign how to work together for the future political struggle. We have to work together as long as we have same political objectives. We will have to build mutual understanding. We believe this meeting will be useful to all ethnic armed organisations."
Translated by Win Htut