Talking about judiciary and the rule of law

Written by Nay Htun Naing

Translated by NTH and ST


Talking about judiciary and the rule of law

“I was charged and imprisoned under Section 26 for living in the land I own. I was charged again under Section 27 twenty days later after serving a month in prison,” said Daw Nyo, 82, who was jailed for squatting in the Nay Pyi Taw Council which is under direct administration of the President.

Is the President personally campaigning?

Campaign activities of the candidates for the upcoming elections, part affiliated or independent, began on the set date of 8 September.

Some ministers and deputy ministers from the cabinet will be competing for the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) in addition to state and region level ministers.

However, many voters have questioned the nature of their trips; government sponsored or just a campaign trip?

UK-based Global Witness reported Myanmar exported at least 12 billion USD worth of jades to China in 2014

Most of the profits are monopolized by Se. Gen. U Than Shwe family, Union Minister U Ohn Myint, military-backed Myanmar Economic Holdings Ltd., crony companies and drug lords.

According to the import figures from China, Myanmar had exported 12 billion worth of jades to China in 2014 alone, stated Global Witness’s report released on October 23.

The report titled “Jade: Myanmar’s Big State Secret” documented the finding and further details were also included in the report.

If next tenure is considered, responsibility must be assumed for those figures (2)


Mr. President… The development of a country is measured by the improvement of the lives of ordinary citizens in the country. The most important factor is how easy or hard the daily needs were reached.

Saying the country has development while the people are plunging deeper into poverty is neither consistent nor right. Moreover, it is an important duty of the government to improve the education and healthcare sectors.

If next tenure is considered, responsibility must be assumed for those figures


They have a good taste of November's Sundays!


“We’re getting off…” (1)

That is how hundreds of governmental staff members yelled on one winter morning.

Or some just yelled: “Let’s set off!” (2) while others, “Triumphed!” (3)

Why did they yell such words?

6:37 AM, Sunday, November 6, 2005

Please tell me how Myanmar’s economy will turn out if U Thein Sein takes another term

Dear Sayagyi U Myint,

We had exchanged open letters over an article I wrote in March.

The article I wrote was “Would Myanmar plunge deeper into recession?”

Since you felt dissatisfied with it, you wrote an open letter to me. I replied you in two letters. You then wrote another letter on April 11 over my letter. I have not written anything to you since then.

Are you sure who won an election? (1)

A comment in President Thein Sein’s radio speech on October 6 stood out. He said, in the next parliamentary term, the Constitution would be amended so city and township councils would be elected by the public rather than appointed by the government.

They are wrong (3)

Ko Zaw Thet Htwe


I could not reply to you immediately as I have been busy lately. But I have to continue telling like it is it because it might be assumed that someone who did the wrong things is actually someone who did the right things.

You said, “A news media has to inquire who is being the plot as it has taken interest from the public. If the perpetrator is known, it is a chance to report it in Tomorrow Journal”.

What kind of electoral frauds will come out of incorrect voter list? (2)

There are three important steps that need to be done to prevent electoral frauds and vote rigging.