Yangon’s battle against strife

The ex-capital city – Yangon, the definitive major business hub of Myanmar has a lot to live up to its literal meaning – “End of Strife”.

The bustling city was just a mere 80 square kilometers large in 1988 but by the year 2000, it grew to 240 square kilometers – almost 3 times the size – and by 2014, the total area according to the Yangon City Development Council (YCDC) reached 306 Square Kilos.

Tussle over "Tu Po" Terminology


A controversy sparked when the Carlsberg Group imprints the word “Tu Po” on their Tuborg beer cans and bottles and distributes them in Myanmar.

Tu Po is the name of a famous Thingyan Water Festival-themed song written by an acclaimed composer, Myoma Nyein, in 1940. The word and the festival have become synonymous for more than seven decades in Myanmar.

The Threat of Neo-Seik Phwars

“It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who weild it and fear of the scourge of power corrupt those who are subject to it. Most Burmese are familiar with the four A-gati, the four kinds of corruption. Chanda-gati, corruption induced by desire, is deviation from the right path in pursuit of bribes or for the sake of those one loves. Dosa-gati is taking the wrong path to spite those against whom one bears ill will, and Moga-gati is aberration due to ignorance.

Behind battles, resources, economy, lack of peace…

The Union Peace Conference (UPC) will be held on January 12. A total of 700 representatives have been invited to it. The conference reminds me of the National Convention.

The National Convention was held on January 9, 1993. The UPC is on January 12.

The convention gathered 702 representatives, and the UPC, 700.

Eight groups of representatives attended the convention; five will show up at the UPC.

The judicial system, a design of former chief justice Aung Toe

A provision of the election manifesto of the National League for Democracy (NLD) stated that the judicial sector must be at the same level as the legislative and executive sectors and free from the influence of the executive sector.

The manifesto contained six stipulations about establishing a fair and unbiased judicial system:

The dawn is coming


Are human lives worthless in Hpakant, the hub of jade mining?

On November 13 evening, the terrorists bombed six places in Paris and claimed over hundred lives and injured more than 300. 
The Bataclan Theatre was hurt the worst and the Stade de France Stadium where the French President and the German foreign minister were watching friendship football match was attacked twice by suicide bombers.
The world is shocked and the world leaders have condemned the terrorism and stood in support of France.  

Don’t relax the muscle yet!


The National League for Democracy (NLD) won 387 seats in two parliaments, according to the Union Election Commission (UEC) as of November 11.

The NLD secured 59 seats more than the required count of 328 seats to form the government.

Union Minister U Ohn Myint needs to answer

The way cabinet members and Union Ministers are campaigning for the elections are questionable.

How to prevent vote rigging according to law

The general election is only five days away.

The involvement of the political parties, candidates, media workers, polling booth officials, observers and each and every one of the people is important. Only they can prevent electoral fraud from happening.

There are at least seven ways to cheat the election. But the law can keep them in check.

(1) Using voter lists