OPINION: Building a new type of Sino-US relationship

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - China and the US agree that the Korean Peninsula should be free of nuclear weapons. But since the Democratic People's Republic of Korea continues to push the envelope and the US is proceeding with its goal of deploying the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense anti-missile system in the Republic of Korea, Beijing and Washington have much to talk about to make "the new type of major-country relationship" a mutually fruitful policy.

FEATURE: English, a passport to success

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) – As English proficiency continues to be a ticket to opportunity for Chinese students, a national speaking contest provides a platform to excel.

In Asia, women can transform the face of hydropower

(Nation/ANN) In Asia, women are more likely to be found in occupations such as teaching and nursing than in planning, constructing and operating dams. This results in major losses to businesses and the economy.

A study prepared for the World Bank found that output per worker in East Asia and Pacific countries could be 7 to 18 per cent higher if female entrepreneurs and workers worked in the same sectors, types of jobs, and activities as men.  

Parliament votes contradict will of residents

The very first demonstration against General Aung San – national hero of Myanmar – was held by ethnic  minorities in the last few days. Protest against General Aung San or even in reference to his name of had never took place before, even during the time of military dictatorship. 

Time to accelerate educational reforms for further growth

We were most interested to learn that a new university will be established in Nay Pyi Taw to provide tertiary education in Myanmar. It has been forecast that the new university will be established within five years.

The Myanmar-China dilemma

Translated by Thet Mon Htun, Kywe Wa Dana Tun

Tax U-turns breed uncertainty

The government's plan to introduce tax on interest earned on savings accounts nationwide has caused anxiety. 
The announcement followed an imposition of a 3-per-cent tax on gold purchases, another common savings tool.
The plans is seen as throwing oil on the fire as the economy is far from healthy with low growth and high inflation. 

Interpol to discuss IS at Bali assembly

Jakarta Post/Asia News Network
NUSA DUA, Indonesia (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - The spread of the Islamic State movement in Asia Pacific becomes one of the main agenda at the 85th International Police (Interpol) General Assembly in Bali.

Myanmar, one year after the Nov 8 polls

Eleven Media/ Asia News Network
November 8, the United States will host an intriguing election. As the date draws closer, the results of the election appear harder to forecast.
In previous weeks, the likelihood of a victory by US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton appeared almost certain.

He’s still with us

YANGON – Many students have made sacrifices to create a more democratic Myanmar over the past several decades.