Message to Ban Ki-moon and Yanghee Lee; The problem is not between Rakhines and Bengalis

Whenever UN's special envoys arrive in Myanmar, they have always provoked Bengali Rohingya problems. After criticizing them and watching them for a long time, it may be assumed that their words and movements are done intentionally.

In last year Asean Summit held in November, 2014, United Nations Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon attended it. He only highlighted Bengali issue and went back.

I will tell the real truth (21)

(1) When we were young, we thought it took very long for a year to pass. It was a long wait for New Year or Thingyan (Myanmar New Year). Now that I have aged, a year is so fast. The trip is long, yet the way back is short. It is natural. Our days are passing without our notice. Now 2015 is here. (2) It has been two years my father had passed away. I still thought it was yesterday. I still remember the time he died. December 2nd marked two year anniversary of his death. Last year, we made a donation in Tipittaka monastery in my father’s memory.