Lee Kuan Yew is not an idol for Myanmar


The former Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew passed away on March 23 morning. Even though it was the end of the long life of a normal person, it was a great loss for Singapore.

Lee shaped the harbor city into a rich country. The Singaporeans were sadden by his departure.

Most of the Myanmar Facebook users shared the condolence.

It may be seem ordinary for scores of Myanmar youth migrants were working in Singapore.

For the knowledge of the US and Western countries


The story of the white rose

"We don't have any weapons; we only have our own bodies to fight for what we want," said education activist Phyo Phyo Aung last January.

The 27-year-old is the general secretary of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU) and a member of the Democratic Education Movement Leading Committee. She is currently being held in the notorious Thayawady Prison with aw real of her comrades and supporters for defying authorities in her public demands for a democratic education system.

I am a student so long as there is authoritarian government


I am 52. The country has fallen under authoritarian regime after a military coup staged before my birth. It still is, more or less. Everyone except a handful group of elites knows why is the country lagging behind, why are the people poor and oppressed, that the people are impoverished and the country is second poorest in Asia. Any true nationals know the facts.

It’s unfair!


The three statements appeared regarding the protest of garment factory workers against the low salary in Shwepyitha Industrial Zone.

The statements were issued by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security and the Yangon Region government and Myanmar Garment Entrepreneurs Association.

(U) Si Thu Aung Myint and men of well-organized agendas


Mizzima daily’s columnist (U) Sithu Aung Myint wrote an article in his newspaper issued on February 14.

The title of the article is named “Media and personal attack”. His writing set a target for Dr Than Htut Aung, the CEO of Eleven Media Group. Sithu Aung Myint based on the article of “Ye Htut..., Don’t run along with a rabbit ccompanying a dog” that I wrote in The Daily Eleven newspaper issued on February 5. 

Non-corporate tax dodgers rampant

Paying tax is a responsibility of every citizen, be they individual or corporate.

Yet, in Myanmar which has been running budget deficits since 2012, there are many who avoid paying taxes, including some restaurants.

Myanmar government recently demanded restaurants stick tax stamps on the receipts, to show that consumers already pay 5 per cent commercial tax to the government.

Myanmar migrant workers flee crackdown

Hundreds of undocumented Myanmar migrant workers in nine townships of Tak province and Mae Sot are fleeing to Myawaddy of Myanmar after the Thai police launched a crackdown early this month.

“Many workers are being arrested by the Thai police. I fled from the factory to Myawaddy when the police raided other factories. Our factory owner helped as flee,” said a worker.

A pragmatic solution must be sought


Two young female volunteers from Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC) were brutally raped and killed in Kaungkhar village, Pan Sai Township, Muse District in northern Shan State on the night of January 19.

The two teachers, both 20-year-olds, were sent there by the KBC, a religious organisation which is influential over Kachin nationals and Kachin Independence Organisation.

Students’ enthusiasm key to successful distance-learning

The Myanmar government endorses different types of education systems, including basic high school, university, post-graduate diploma, and distance-education. 

Many students now attend distance-learning courses. Yet, like a coin with two sides, distance-learning has its pros and cons.