Presidential economic adviser U Myint's letter to Nay Htun Naing dated April 11

This is another letter dated April 11 sent from the presidential economic adviser U Myint to Eleven Media Group's executive director Nay Htun Naing, who wrote the article “Would Myanmar plunge deeper into recession?”

U Myint


11 April 2015

Dear Ko Nay Htun Naing,

1. This is my reply to your letters of 8 and 9 April addressed to me.

Reply to U Myint, presidential economic advisor (2)

Dear Saya U Myint,

I believe you have read the first reply to you titled “Reply to U Myint (1)” printed on the April 8 issue of the Daily Eleven. This is the second part of my reply.



I apologize if I meant disrespect in the first part of my reply.

To tell the truth, there are many difficulties in our country. Among over 50 million population, less than 1 million are free from the difficulties. People are struggling for their daily lives. They are trapped between poverty and the loss of future.

Reply to U Myint, presidential economic advisor (1)

Dear Sayar U Myint,

I received your open letter dated April 4 on the next day.

I do not know whether the letter is your opinion or the president asked you to write it. As far as I know the president requested a meeting with members of presidential economic and social advising councils on April 4. You wrote the letter on that same day. If the meeting was held, there are questions to raise.


Presidential economic adviser's open letter to U Nay Htun Naing

U Myint1 


4 April 2015

Dear U Nay Tun Naing,

Subject: Open Letter on your article titled “Would Myanmar plunge deeper into recession?” 

published in Eleven Newsmedia Myanmar, dated 1 April 2015.

Stop the sound of gunfire first


Would Myanmar plunge deeper into recession?


International organisations have raised concerns over Myanmar’s economic situation in 2015. 

The reports simultaneously issued by the Asia Development Bank and the World Bank on March 24 highlighted the country’s worrying situation.

Lee Kuan Yew is not an idol for Myanmar


The former Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew passed away on March 23 morning. Even though it was the end of the long life of a normal person, it was a great loss for Singapore.

Lee shaped the harbor city into a rich country. The Singaporeans were sadden by his departure.

Most of the Myanmar Facebook users shared the condolence.

It may be seem ordinary for scores of Myanmar youth migrants were working in Singapore.

For the knowledge of the US and Western countries


The story of the white rose

"We don't have any weapons; we only have our own bodies to fight for what we want," said education activist Phyo Phyo Aung last January.

The 27-year-old is the general secretary of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU) and a member of the Democratic Education Movement Leading Committee. She is currently being held in the notorious Thayawady Prison with aw real of her comrades and supporters for defying authorities in her public demands for a democratic education system.

I am a student so long as there is authoritarian government


I am 52. The country has fallen under authoritarian regime after a military coup staged before my birth. It still is, more or less. Everyone except a handful group of elites knows why is the country lagging behind, why are the people poor and oppressed, that the people are impoverished and the country is second poorest in Asia. Any true nationals know the facts.