Do Tin Aye’s words meet the six qualities of an elder?

There is a propaganda song I still remember for I have heard it several times in last 15-20 years.

That song's main verse goes, "We don't care economic sanctions. Our land has abundant natural resources".

The song namely 'Myanmar’s will' was written by a writer under a pseudonym 'Do Ye Baw' and sung by Yebaw (private) Naing Win.

It was said that former General Khin Nyunt made the state-run media broadcast the song repeatedly.

USDP’s central consultant urges party to choose between receiving hatred from dishonest minority or sacrifice the party

The Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP)’s central consultant Tin Htut has recently urged the party to choose between receiving hatred from the minority [in the party] that has been acting dishonestly or sacrifice the party.

Tin Htut’s appraisal was included in an article titled “What is the Future of the Party’s Central Committee Chairman U Thura Shwe Mann, the future USDP’s presidential candidate, and U Thein Sein?” written by Maung Yay Set and published in the Myanmar Thandawsint (The Myanmar Herald) journal on Friday.

Untie the knot


When I watched the movie ‘Selma’ which was nominated for several Oscar and Golden Globe Awards, my favorite scene was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. talking to President Johnson.

When King came to meet him, the president explained poverty eradication projects for the African-Americans.

Myanmar is neither Asia's common slave nor dumpster

Myanmar has been strongly blamed over the issue of boat-riding refugees trapped in the Southeast Asian sea (especially around Andaman Sea and Straits of Malacca).

Human traffickers have long been using the Southeast Asian waters. Concerned countries have ignored this issue. But the inhumane acts committed in early May caught the attention of the international community.

There is another case after Yayku. Ye Htut is responsible to clarify

The Deputy Minister of Information Pike Htwe explained to the Union Parliament on May 27 about the tender of the old YaykuBroadcast Station.

The Union Minister of Information Ye Htutposted the explanation of the deputy minister on his Facebook. What is more, he added additional explanation about the issue. Then, we can see that Ye Htut and Pike Htwe are the most responsible persons for the Old YaykuBroadcast Station tender issue.  

The biggest lie in history or the 25th anniversary of 1990 election

The multi-party general election was held on May 27, 1990, and is approaching its 25th anniversary now.

But the promise of the '90 election has not been realised till today. The junta leaders promised before the election that they would hand over the state power to the winning party but they did not do so.

That deceived not only the winning candidates but also the 15 million people who went to polling stations. Such a cunning ploy had never been experienced in the country's history before.

Announce the election date


The Union Election Commission (UEC) announced that the 2015 general election will be held in early November. But the exact date has not been set.

Concerns rise among politicians and observers if the election will be put off.

Although it seems all efforts move steadily towards the election, there are still no rigid confirmations and promises.

At the same time, the charter reform, ceasefire and political dialogue are still inconclusive.

When the promise of 1990 election was nullified

The 1990 general election will mark its 25th anniversary on May 27. 
The election was not held freely and fairly. The State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) did not hand over the power to the people.
General Saw Maung, the coup leader of 1988, gave promises repeatedly before the election that the military regime would hand over State power to the government that won the election and they would return to the barracks. Lieutenant-General Than Shwe and Major-General Khin Nyunt also said so.

Hpakant ripped apart for profit

Myanmar’s mineral exports are lucrative and jade is the biggest earner, according to the Ministry of Commerce. A report said Myanmar earned US$1.3 billion from the export of mineral resources from April 1, 2014 to January 2. China is the main market and the Hpakant Region has become globally famous. 

Seven years after the flood

May 2 marked the seventh anniversary of one of the worst natural disasters in Myanmar’s history, coming eighth in the world’s most serious disasters: Cyclone Nargis.

There were a total of 140,000 deaths in 10 townships in Myittha, Irrawaddy, as well as Ks1 billion in damage, according to government reports.