(U) Si Thu Aung Myint and men of well-organized agendas

Nay Htun Naing


Mizzima daily’s columnist (U) Sithu Aung Myint wrote an article in his newspaper issued on February 14.

The title of the article is named “Media and personal attack”. His writing set a target for Dr Than Htut Aung, the CEO of Eleven Media Group. Sithu Aung Myint based on the article of “Ye Htut..., Don’t run along with a rabbit ccompanying a dog” that I wrote in The Daily Eleven newspaper issued on February 5. 

I wrote the article of “Ye Htut..., Don’t run along with a rabbit accompanying a dog”. I can be responded to the contents contained in my article, but the columnist did not do so. It is one point.

The second point is that the EMG sent letters to (U) Sithu Aung Myint. The letter sent in 2011 warned him that he was the real account of Sit Aung on the social networks. I said in the article “Ye Htut..., Don’t run along with a rabbit accompanying a dog” that Sit Aung was U Ye Htut, the Union Minister for Information. (I will later write about the relations of U Ye Htut, (U) Sithu Aung Myint, Journalists’ Hittai, Sit Aung, Dr Seik Phwar). Sithu Aung Myint wrote about this warning letter in his article.

At the same time, Sithu Aung Myint wrote about the letter sent to him through True News Journal around 2007. Having expressed the letters, he attacked Dr Than Htut Aung. In this state, it is obvious who is launching person attacks. 


In this state, we will clearly tell about the letters sent by Sithu Aung Myint. This is because he does not know the letters sent to him. 

We sent a letter to him through our lawyer in 2005 and then another letter in 2009. The office letter is 158/admin/2009. It was sent by True News Journal around 2007 that was said by Sithu Aung Myint. It was signed by Dr Thein Myint, the managing editor of the Eleven Media Group. This letter was personally sent to Sithu Aung Myint. 

This letter regarding Sithu Aung Myint was sent to the admin group of People’s Age Journal in 2011. Then a letter was sent to Sithu Aung Myint through a lawyer. The letter sent to the People’s Age Journal was 101/admin/2011 August 30. The letter of the lawyer was sent to him on September 5 in 2011. It was signed by Ko Wai Phyoe, the chief of the Weekly Eleven Journal, on behalf of the board of directors. 

But, Dr Than Htut Aung was not mentioned in my article warning to Sithu Aung Myint in any place. However, Sithu Aung Myint’s article targeted to Dr Than Htut Aung who was not directly concerned. 


Sithu Aung Myint criticised President Thein Sein, Lower House Speaker Thura Shwe Mann, Aung San Suu Kyi and her NLD party as well as Dr Than Htut Aung and EMG’s news. These expressions of criticisms were carried by Mizzima newspaper. 

We accept criticism. But criticisms must be in conformity with strong sources. We don’t accept internationally personal attack. (U) Sithu Aung Myint wrote hundreds of articles. He wrote the articles targeting to speak ill of Dr Than Htut Aung and the EMG for several times. 

Sithu Aung Myint has the rights to criticising Dr Than Htut Aung. But, regarding the letters that Dr Than Htut Aung didn’t write and sign, he has no right to launching personal attacks to him. Dr Than Htut Aung is the leader of the EMG. He is also the one who laid down policies. Despite he is the head of the journal, every topic has nothing to do with him. 

Although Sithu Aung Myint is launching personal attacks to Dr Than Htut Aung, his sources are seldom strong, especially intentionally speaking ill of the latter. We don’t know why he is doing so, but he knows the best.


It is obvious why we sue him. He is the one who well-organises something and the man of agenda speaking ill of others. He is a double agent. If I tell you like this, I want to know how he will deal with. We are still waiting to see those who are supposed dishonest from Myanmar media world since 2007. (U) Sithu Aung Myint is also being monitored.

Regarding these situations, I almost always discussed with Sayar Luhtu Sein Win before his death. I always consulted with Luhtu Sein Win concerning the evidences I gathered. In doing so, a secret account named Journalist Hittai appeared on the social networks and attacked the Voice Weekly Journal. It instigated the EMG and 7 Day. When studying the style of writing, it became suspicious of Sithu Aung Myint. 

As we studied in details, his gmail was named as Sithu Aung. At that time, a message was sent to Sithu Aung Myint. We knew who you were naming Ko Sithu Aung Myint (a) journalist Hittai (a) Seik-thoe-gyi. We said you would not do next. Seik-thoe meant his nickname that his close persons called. 

Within hours, journalist Hittai account was downloaded and disappeared, but Sit Aung account came out again. 


Some writings of Sit Aung were similar to those of Hittai. It attacked media upholding journalist codes of conducts and the parliament and Thura Shwe Mann as well. Sit Aung account was linked with Padaukmyay and Dr Seik Phwar. 

But, the profile of Sit Aung account used the photo of Ye Htut and it made blackout to the photo of Ye Htut. Three particular persons believed that it might be Sit Aung before seeing the photo of Ye Htut. Sithu Aung Myint was one of the three. I have not exposed another one person yet.

Although Sit Aung and Dr Seik Phwar’s proposed attacks are similar, their writing styles look three different kinds. The parliament’s investigation commission said that Dr Seik Phwar may be more than one person. 

But, the article written by Sithu Aung Myint was shared by U Ye Htut in his facebook. There was a word in his share. The usage is “the same life”. By studying this point, Sithu Aung Myint and U Ye Htut are the same and they know more.

That I want to tell is that the propaganda machinery is made up of men of well-organised agendas. They are speaking ill of others. Their objectives are the same.

My monitoring to propaganda machinery after military intelligence has taken nearly one decade. Even during one decade, there were reporters and editors who joined the EMG and gave information to the men of well-organised agendas. 

During one decade, not less than 10 staff found giving information to the men of well-organised agendas was forced to resign. 


Those propagandas that attacked from the online once appear the pages of today. They become more systematic. They used fake accounts. 

The journalist Hittai attacked Dr Nay Win Maung and The Voice Weekly at a time when The Voice Weekly won the support of the readers. At that time, Hittai instigated the EMG and 7Day. 

Moreover, the Hittai attacked top journalists and the media in the emergence of Sit Aung, Padaukmyay and Dr Seik Phwar. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the politicians were also attacked. It did not criticise President Thein Sein and Union Minister Soe Thein, but the parliament and Thura Shwe Mann were strongly criticised. 

The journalists were measured as codes of conducts. Regarding Ma Khine, the reporter of the EMG, Sithu Aung Myint’s attack opinion was the same as that of journalist Hittai, Sit Aung and Dr Seik Phwar.

Eighty percent of (U) Sithu Aung Myint’s articles targeted attacking particularly the government, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD. On the pretext of journalistic codes of conduct, the media was criticised. Twenty percent was aimed at lobby. The Myanmar Press Council (MPC) and Union Minister U Soe Thein were lobbied, either.

His writing style is mixed with the methods of the BCP and intelligence. The right and wrong facts are also mixed. His writings enable the readers to accept.  


According to the facts we gathered, there were three persons including (U) Sithu Aung Myint behind the pseudonyms namely journalist Hittai, Sit Aung and Dr Seik Phwar. Two of them appeared in front, but one didn’t. I will write about those two appeared in front. 

(U) Sithu Aung Myint attacked Dr Than Htut Aung and the EMG for several times just like the propagandas of unreal accounts.

Recently, he wrote targeting us through the Irrawady News Journal. The writing styles were the same as the government propagandas. The writing mentioned that Thura U Shwe Mann and the EMG had close relations. It was aimed at targeting Dr Than Htut Aung. The Irrawady News Journal made apology to us. We explained we did not have close relations to any person or organisation. 

In this situation, we want to talk openly that we have nothing to do with anyone or anything. The top officials of the EMG didn’t take anything from anyone or any organisation. Our stance is very clear. We stand with our policies. 

(U) Sithu Aung Myint constantly attacked Dr Than Htut Aung and the EMG. For this, who set him to for what purpose? He will know by himself. We sued him for his writing of personal attack for five times, but we lost. When the information minister sued us, we had to be brought trial within days. But when we sued Sithu Aung Myint, the court transferred the case to the police and the police transferred it to the court. When it took six month or one year, the case was suspended. He was given favour in the judicial system, but we will sue him again.

This time, we will sue Sithu Aung Myint and the MIzzima daily. We sue those who attack us and warning letters are sent to them. For this, we have three methods—(1) those who flatter the government, (2) the stooges of the architecture and (3) the men of agenda. 

To do so, those who want dictatorship created this situation. We sue them. We created that we could say we had sued them when we are sued.  


I accuse Sithu Aung Myint of being a well-organised. Let’s look back. He attended the Intake No 27 of Defence Service Academy (DSA). He was arrested while attending the cadet course and imprisoned for one and half years for he was regarded as a communist cell of BCP. He went underground to become a rebel when he was released from the prison. At that time, he was given a death penalty for spying. In this state, it is obvious that the government and the ethnics do not believe in him. He joined BCP escaping from the death penalty. He was not given any position as the BCP did not trust him. He joined NDA-K Kachin when the BCP collapsed. He was arrested for giving information to the BCP. Although he was not given punishment, he did not win the trust. He arrived in Mawlamyaing after 1994-1995. While he was in Mawlamyaing, he was monitored by intelligence officials.

He got a beverage selling permit during that time. He did not say how he got the permit in his article. He arrived in Yangon in 1997 and started writing career. He wrote articles in economic magazines including Living Colour published by Dr Nay Win Maung.

He attended the journalism course in Cambodia in 2003. Then he worked for the Irrawaddy News Agency for one month in Thailand. He was an opponent to the government. News and photos were sent. He linked with other foreign media. He sent radio articles to DVB in 2004. He sent news and photos to the DVB living inside Myanmar concerning the 2007 Saffron Revolution, the 2008 Nargis storm and the 2010 general elections. In those days, it was not easy to send news and photos to the foreign media against the government and one could be arrested anytime. But he was never arrested. The reporters of the DVB working together with him were arrested. This point is very strange.

The next point is that he can work and lead as a chief editor for a local journal, but he can’t. But he worked as a writer for several journal houses. He did not work for a journal house any longer and he moved one journal house to another. He might have had secret intentions. If he worked only in a single place, his agenda would be out of action. There are many journal houses that do not trust him at this moment. 


The next significant point is that we informed a senior officer of the Ministry of Information to sue Sithu Aung Myint for his personal attacks in 2008-2009. The senior officer is still in service until now. The senior officer told us not to sue him as he was employed to do so. For this, we sent him a warning letter. He did not stop his personal attack writing. So we sued him, but we couldn’t as he was provided some protection. The copies of the warning letter were also sent to the Press Scrutiny Board and the Special Branch. We wanted to know how he responded. We made searching fire to him. For instance, regarding his personal attacks, we sent a letter to him in 2009 and he informed us of that. In his letter, he told us that we would have to send it to the officials of State’s Security. He seemed to take cover from somewhere. Similar responses can be seen in the article of “Sithu Aung Myint is ready to be arrested”

written in Mizzima daily issued on August 14 and 23 in 2014. These are his challenging writings because he knows he will not be arrested. He knows very well who are behind the scene. 

In the current circumstances, the judicial system provides him protection until we are difficult to sue him. Anyhow, we will sue him again. We will sue him as we have apparent reasons. He is always launching personal attacks to us. Only now I write about him in my article personally. For this, he can sue me. I never write without having strong sources. It is sure that there are men of well-organised agendas for propagation. (U) Sithu Aung Myint is a man of well-organised agenda. 

The 2015 general elections are getting near. More personal attacks are being launched to the top politicians and the journalists and will be worse than the pervious. Once there were Soe Mya Kyaw, Phay Kan Kaung and Pauksa. But more neophytes who are worse than Soe Mya Kyaw, Phay Kan Kaung and Pauksa may appear. 

We have taken one decade to monitor all of you. Now we are still monitoring all of you. We and the people are not stupid ones as you thought.