They are wrong (3)

Ko Zaw Thet Htwe


I could not reply to you immediately as I have been busy lately. But I have to continue telling like it is it because it might be assumed that someone who did the wrong things is actually someone who did the right things.

You said, “A news media has to inquire who is being the plot as it has taken interest from the public. If the perpetrator is known, it is a chance to report it in Tomorrow Journal”.

Then, why making a call to Gangaw is related with catching the perpetrator. If you are a real journalist, you or your media can ask directly to Dr. Than Htut Aung or our media. Why didn’t you ask?

And what is the connection between timber and assailants who shot him by using nuts. If you want to ask about the timber, you didn’t ask about it earlier. You asked about it three days after the attack. You will know yourself what your intention is as you learnt about it. Alternatively you can deny that your intention is just to speak ill of other.

If you are a real and honest journalist, you have to write down the answer you just asked. It is very clear that you are tight-lipped as you cannot have the answer what you have expected.  I can see your inner mind. We had been known for about 30 years and it is not good to do like that.


The main challenge you make is to prove your involvement in the attack on Dr. Than Htut Aung. Is it right? You said us to prove it exactly. If so, the authorities cannot arrest Than Htike Aung who we proved to be involved in the attack. So how can they take action on the people who are behind the plot? The authorities are not taken action on him though we gave them information about him and I have to argue with you personally.


Another strange thing is we saw a post in Facebook account of Kyaw Swar Myint, who is from Tomorrow Journal, about your reply to Dr. Thein Myint. He tagged 18 people including Aung Naing. The strangest thing is he tagged Hmuu Zaw, a senior official of President’s Office. The connection between Hmuu Zaw, Mar J, Zaw Thet Htwe and Tomorrow is interesting. Among them, some are involved in propagandizing on July 15.

On July 14, the attack on Dr. Than Htut Aung occurred. On July 15 issue of 7Day Daily, Hmuu Zaw answered the case will be justified. A police Colonel from eastern district police force rang me directly on the morning of July 15 and said they caught the driver. They also caught another accomplice at a guesthouse in North Oakalapa Township. We have no contact between us and he is just letting me know about their process on the investigation is appreciable. So it is clear that all are working normally on the night of July 14 and next day morning. The 7day newspaper interview is also on the night of July 14.

The situation is changed on the afternoon of July 15 and there have something which is hindering the case to be justified. At last they tagged Hmuu Zaw in the Facebook’s post. Only the people most concerned will know about it.


There has a reason to included Ngat Pyaw Kywar and Director Mee Pwar. Mee Pwar, Zin Wine, Ngat Pyaw Kywar and Zagana have been together for 25 or 30 years and they understand each other well. Mee Pwar knows who is honest or who is wicked or who is fair or who make lie or who has bad habits or who has some acting as he is a director.

He knows who is not reliable in money matter and who is a womanizer. That’s why Mee Pwar came to Dr. Than Htut Aung abruptly on the morning of July 16 as what Ngat Pyaw Kywar’s words are important.

A friend of Dr. Than Htut Aung rang to him on the morning of July 15 to inform about a telephone conversation between an unnamed person and Wanna (online) about KTV. I will tell who rang Wanna later. Dr. Than Htut Aung knew after he told about KTV’s grudge. He didn’t go to KTV. He let it be as it is not important.

However he is rather concerned when Mee Pwar rang Ngat Pyaw Kywar on July 16. It is a plot. That’s why we are monitoring the movement of you, Ngat Pyaw Kywar and Mee Pwar and the phone call made by you on July 17 is important.

If we deal our problem personally, you have to deal with Mee Pwar, Ngat Pyaw Kywar and Zagana. You have to deal with Dr. Than Htut Aung as per your relationship with him. I will have to deal with Mar J in any of political or social affairs. He can challenge me any time and I am ready for that.

Who is involved and which extent they are in KTV case and the attack on EMG’s CEO or you are really believed about KTV in compared with your experiences, knowledge and reasoning. You want others believe about it?


You wrote that you never worked to harm the interest of any person even though I had parted ways with us and that no one can dissuade you from your political belief and life.

You were wrong Ko Zaw Thet Htwe. You and I had a legal confrontation. It was during a personal dispute not long after you had been released from prison for an unfairly framed case. Back then, you wrote to the then Minister of Information U Kyaw San about the personal dispute and had the censor board summoned us. The legal cased followed as Dr. Than Htut Aung was disappointed by you writing a compliant letter to the government that had unfairly imprisoned you.

In the compliant letter, you wrote that you felt greatly thankful to the government for allowing you to resume your career as a writer since you had earned your living through writing translated sport articles.

I was really surprised that you trusted the government and asked for their help while they had recently unfairly imprisoned you. I want to question about the fact that ‘no one can dissuade you from your political belief and life’. Even though I have never been imprisoned, I had never ever written such a thing. I have never kneeled to nor bowed to any government officials for a problem. I have never tried to get their sympathy.

Moreover, your compliant letter also included that ‘the funds you invested for shares (in the company) were honestly earned with great efforts”.

What money or funds did you invest? You and I both know how Dr. Than Htut Aung started Eleven Media Group with the money he had and how much he gave to his colleagues after getting certain successes. You were promised a hold on shares only for your efforts. The shares were revoked since you broke the rules of the company. Is it unnatural?

You continued writing about making mistakes by trusting co-workers and failing to legally register, adding that your rights as a shareholder were forcefully taken.

You said you had never harmed others’ interest yet it was you that sued us first intending to hurt our business. It was you who wrote a complaint letter to the information minister. These are the facts you are wrong about.

You were imprisoned during the trial. That made you lose the case yet we paid you all the money that you had requested through your lawyer. We have all the documents and evidences. I still remember you showing appreciation toward Dr. Than Htut Aung after you were released from prison since he supported your family including your mother.

Tell Ko Mar’J to write with strong evidences if he writes about personal issues. If the facts are strong, he should write boldly. A true journalist always writes a story with strong facts and evidences. Stop writing like a satire and making indirect implications. He needs to point out which cronies we are working with and what we are doing. I am straightforward.


If you can reason I want to ask one question. On September 21, Ko Kyaw Min Swe, Dr. Phay Myint and Press Council vice-chairman Pho Taukkyar met with Commander-in-Chief of the Defense Services. During the meeting Lieutenant General Mya Htun was also there. He is the one most responsible for the attack on Dr. Than Htut Aung’s life. Did anyone ask him about the attack?

Does your reasonability really make you believe the KTV story was the cause of the attack? UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur Ms. Yanghee Lee, WAN-IFRA, CPJ, and RSF stated this as a political assassination and urged to immediately uncover the case. While the whole world is saying like that, you and your Press Council believe in the KTV story?

Saya Pho Taukkyar, with 60 years of experience, believes in that fake story? Dr. Phay Myint, with 40 years of experience and have worked for the candidate selection for the powerful opposition party, believes that? Press Council Secretary Ko Kyaw Min Swe who also worked as journalist for more than 20 years buys that story? Ko Myint Kyaw who had received journalism trainings from Berkeley believes that?

Do you, who keeps saying that you were imprisoned for many times for the public, believes in that story? That is the reasonability and dignity of the Press Council members. The difference between the international journalism organizations and your Press Council are obvious.


Let’s continue without talking about how many years you have been imprisoned or how many awards Dr. Than Htut Aung had received for his actions. As a journalist your history is easy to see through your written articles. The same goes for Dr. Than Htut Aung. The history of your Tomorrow journal is recorded on the pages of your publication. Eleven Media’s history is also recorded on the pages of the weekly and daily publications. Compare the two. Reply only after you have compared them.

(On his Facebook and Moe Maka Media, Press Council Member Ko Myint Kyaw wrote as a reply to my previous article saying that “they are blaming other organizations and everyone just because they cannot influence the media environment” and “… writing personal attacks by neglecting the real facts so that they can have influence on the media environment.” A screenshot of ‘They are wrong (2)’ was posted together with the remark. He may need to legally explain his actions and show the evidences to the court about his accusations.)